Best Cases for the Gold iPhone XS or XS Max iMore 2022

Have you purchased a gold iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? I have, and boy do I not want to cover up that beautiful phone. This shade of gold is unlike the champagne gold, rose gold, or blush gold of other iPhone models. In certain lights you can see bronze highlights; sometimes it looks brownish, sometimes pinkish. It's difficult to describe, but it's gorgeous. I hate to cover it up at all, but cover it I must if I want to keep it pristine. Here are some of the best cases you can put on your new gold iPhone that will still let its beauty shine through.


Totally minimal: Totallee Ultra Slim

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This extremely thin, minimal case does the bare minimum to cover up your phone, so the phone's shape and color will show through beautifully. However, this type of minimal case is designed more for scratch protection than for drop protection, so it's best for careful users. Be sure to choose the color Clear (Soft). It's a different material than the other colors and will show off the gold color better than the Frosted Clear, which is more of a translucent case.

$35 at Amazon

Clear and strong: Speck Gemshell

Speck's Gemshell in Clear/Clear is another totally clear case that makes it easy to show off your phone. Rather than being a minimal case, this is a solid case that offers serious drop protection. It's got dual-layer protections and it's been drop tested to eight feet.

$9 at Amazon

Beautiful and tough: Sonix Clear Coat Series

This military drop-tested case is tough but beautiful. The fashionable Sonix brand is sold in high-end department stores and comes with a glass screen protector. This particular model, Starry Night, caught my eye and I think it would look particularly nice with the gold iPhone. If it's not to your taste, there are lots of other styles here that still allow the lovely gold phone to show.

$35 at Amazon

Gold floral: Casetego Case

This basic, clear soft, flexible TPU case has a lovely gold floral pattern that enhances the gold iPhone. If it's too much gold, you can choose one of the other colors offered instead. Regardless, you'll be able to see the iPhone's gold through the case.

$8 at Amazon

Metallic luster: DTTO Clear Case

If flowers, sparkles, and stars are just too much, take a look at DTTO's simple elegance. A basic clear case with a metallic gold edge adds just a little something extra to your gold iPhone. Want to change things up? The metallic edge comes in other colors as well.

$12 at Amazon

A touch of rose: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Perhaps you want to bring out the pinker tones in that sophisticated gold iPhone. This case from Spigen is mostly clear but has a rose gold bumper that highlights the rosiness. The rigid back and soft bumper are designed for maximum drop protection.

$14 at Amazon
Case Mate

Something really fun: Case-Mate Waterfall

This beauty is sure to bring attention to your gold iPhone. The metallic glitter in this Waterfall case plays against the gold background to delightful effect. Still, this is a case designed for serious drop protection.

$17 at Amazon

Just a bumper: ESR Metal Frame

You can always just go for a bumper, which protects the vulnerable edges and especially the corners of your phone while leaving the back completely uncovered. This particular gold bumper is made from aluminum alloy and soft TPU.

$15 at Amazon

Front and back glass protection: Jingoobon Front and Back Screen Protector

Just the opposite of the bumper idea, another way to show off your iPhone while getting at least scratch protection is to get a front and back glass screen protector like this set. It's simply two thin (0.3mm) sheets of glass, one cut to cover the front and one cut to cover the back. The edges and corners are not covered at all.

$7 at Amazon

Heavy duty case: Lifeproof Nëxt

If you need a heavy-duty case but don't want to obscure your iPhone, Lifeproof's Nëxt is a viable option. With a touch of contrasting color around the bumper, the back is completely clear to show off the gold. This case is drop-proof (tested to 6.6 feet), dirt-proof, and snow-proof, but not waterproof.

$81 at Lifeproof

All-over protection: i-Blason Full Body

With a built-in screen protector, this case offers full-body protection. It has a black bumper with a gold highlight, and the back is clear to show off the iPhone.

$22 at Amazon

Create your own: Casetify Custom Case

None of these cases catch your eye? Create your own personalized case at Casetify. Start with a clear case and add whatever you feel best enhances your gold iPhone. A photo of yourself or loved ones? Add your monogram, company logo, or whatever else your heart desires.

From $59 at Casetify

Making our case

There is something for every gold lover here. I personally rock the Totallee case on my gold iPhone XS on a day-to-day basis. It's sleek, thin, and I love that barely-there feel.

However, if I'm in a situation where my phone is at higher risk for drops, I'll slip on a Casetify Custom Case for a higher level of shock-protection. For the most heavy-duty protection on the market, try a trusty LifeProof. It's pricey but it will keep your phone in perfect condition through any kind of rough treatment.

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