Best clear cases for iPhone 6s

A case for your beloved iPhone 6s is a good idea, no doubt. You are not, however, obliged to buy a case with all kinds of weird patterns or cartoon characters splattered all over the place. A clear case will do the work of protecting your iPhone from basic dings and scratches while showing off the look you love so much.

LUVVITT ClearView hybrid clear case

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The clear case from LUVVITT comes in 10 clear or colorful bumper variations so you can be as subtle or outstanding as you'd like when decking out your iPhone 6s. The soft TPU bumper and scratch-resistant hard backing keep your iPhone and the case looking great as the months go by.

The wrap-around beveled edges protect your screen, perfect for people in the habit of placing their iPhones screen-side down. The LUVVITT case is also ideal for people who hate phone cases but hate damaging their iPhones even more. LUVVITT's clear case is compatible with a tempered glass screen protector and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Poetic Atmosphere Series transparent hybrid case

Clear cases do more than show off your iPhone's original beauty; they do the work of invisible protection against dirt, dust, and other daily grime that your iPhone is bound to encounter. The overlaid buttons on Poetic's transparent hybrid case keep all those little bits away from tiny crevices and give the case a seamless look.

The raised lip protects your screen from accidental encounters with table tops or other hard surfaces. Poetic offers one of the thinnest case profiles you can find, and with a three year warranty, the case will be able to stay with your iPhone for as long as you do. It's available in five bumper color variations to suit your look or your mood.

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Caseology Skyfall Series scratch-resistant clear back cover

One of the most popular clear cases comes from Caseology's Skyfall Series. The four bumper colors perfectly complement your chosen iPhone 6s color so there's no taking away from the iconic iPhone look.

The smooth rounded edges and scratch-resistant back coating keep your iPhone and case looking shiny and new. It's a minimalist case with excellent drop protection and it fits well over any screen protector. We love the look of the silver version pictured here.

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid Air Cushion clear case and bumper

The slightly raised bezels on the Spigen clear case lift the screen and camera off of flat surfaces for extra protection. The TPU bumper has Air Cushion technology to provide extra shock absorption should you bump or drop your phone, so think of it like a little bit of invisible protection.

The precise button covers and port cutouts make usage and charging fuss-free, and as always with Spigen, you're getting the military drop tested phone case they're known for without any of the bulk or hiding of your chosen iPhone color. Spigen offers two different variations of clear bumpers, or three other colorful bumpers to choose from, like the rose gold pictured here.

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Trainium Clear Cushion premium clear case

A clear case for the slightly clumsy iPhone 6s user? Coming right up. Trainium's premium clear case has a shock absorbing frame and solid body to protect against drops and scratches that are bound to happen day to day.

The TPU bumper makes it easy to grip, and there are precise cutouts for ports and buttons so you don't have to remove the case to use all your iPhone's functions. Trainium offers a lifetime warranty, an incredibly slim profile, and five different bumper colors to choose from.

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Power Support Air Jacket 2

A favorite clear case for some time now is the Power Support Air Jacket 2. It comes in rose gold or silver, the perfect looks to match the iPhone 6s. It's just flexible enough to make it easy to snap your iPhone in and the fit is snug. The self-healing coating is extra scratch-resistant if you happen to be harder on your iPhone cases than most.

It offers thin and lightweight protection on all sides of the iPhone, and the 90-day warranty is more than enough time to test it out and forget that there's even a case on your iPhone. The ultra-clear case means zero color distortion and it won't discolor after months of use or UV exposure.

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Clear winners

Are you a fan of one of the clear cases on our list? We'd love to hear about your experience with it. On the other hand, maybe you've found a fantastic clear case that deserves a shout out; tell us all about it in the comments below!

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