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Best Clear Cases for iPhone X

The iPhone X looks different than any iPhone we have seen to date. With its beautiful edge-to-edge OLED display on the front and the vertical dual-camera system on the back, the iPhone X is a beautiful phone, and you're going to want to keep it that way.

If you're looking for a case that will not only protect your iPhone X but show off its bold style, you'll want a clear case! Here are our favorite clear cases for the iPhone X.

Which clear case do you intend on using with your iPhone X?

Let us know in the comments below!

Updated July 2018: These are still our favorite clear cases for your iPhone X!

Luke Filipowicz
Staff Writer

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  • Can someone explain how they get these cases out so fast after the announcement of a new iPhone?
  • Case Manufacturers always get a dummy model of the new devices coming out. That gives them time to design and manufacture the cases before the actual phones are released to the public.
  • The Ringke Air has my vote. I discourage plain clear cases due to the possibility of yellowing down the line. I have a 7 Plus and got the smoke black case and it’s a perfect complement to my matte black iPhone. Perfectly thin yet let’s the beauty of my device shine through. I can imagine that it’d be the same for the X
  • I agree. I've had a number of Ringke cases and they are excellent for decent prices. One feature I like is the option to add a handstrap. They have the little holes to feed the cord through. This time I have opted for a Spigen. They have a case like the one noted, with a little magnetic stand that flips out. It only works in landscape, but is very unobtrusive and doesn't even seem to affect wireless charging.
  • I'm looking for a sleeve because I don't want a case spoiling the beauty of the phone. Only for when I'm on the move I'm looking for something to protect it. I've already did the same for all previous models of the iPhone I've had and it worked out pretty well that way.
  • What sleeves have you used in the past? I've tried Sena (too flimsly) and PDAir (closest to my old BlackBerry pouches). In the end I switched to a leather case from Vaja because the phones have just been too slippery.
  • Does a case on a phone that charges inductively (the Qi technology) compromise its charging ability? Seems like it would.
  • I've never had a problem, but I use pretty slim cases. I imagine the big industrial strength otter boxes might be different. I even have the Spigen case with the kickstand and am wirelessly charging just fine.
  • Ill go for speck, after installing and used it for few hours you can definitely feel the solid built quality. The back offers good anti smudge if your hands are sweaty. But the only diwnside us when installing and removing the case is a **** experienced. So far its good compare to the spigen ultra hybrid.
  • I’m rocking the Otterbox Symmetry on my iPhone X. So far so good!!
  • I'd highly highly recommend the Catalyst Impact case. It has a splash of color around the edge like the Supcase listed above but while it looks like it's probably similarly thin, it has a 10ft drop rating not just "exceeds mil-std". I've been running the Olive on my silver X for a few months now and the clear back has almost no scratches in it either. The little rotation control (the "k" word was censored?) to control the mute switch is also great especially if you have large fingers and have trouble with other cases. (I don't but just pointing it out as a feature)