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Best Clear Cases for iPhone XS in 2020

iPhone XS
iPhone XS (Image credit: iMore)

So you just got an iPhone XS, maybe in that gorgeous gold color, and want to show it off while keeping it safe and protected? Don't worry, there's plenty of clear cases to help you achieve just that, and we're showing you some of the best options you should consider on the market today.

Bottom Line

These are some of the better clear iPhone XS cases we've seen on the market. You'll want to be careful about purchasing cases that were meant for the iPhone X since the camera on the XS is slightly bigger and won't fit with some iPhone X cases. However, the ones we just mentioned should work fine with the XS, just make sure it says that it's compatible with the 2018 model.

We're big fans of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid (opens in new tab), which will give you all the protection you'll ever need without breaking the bank. If you're looking for the best rugged protection that comes in a clear case, go for the Otterbox Symmetry Clear (opens in new tab), which has excellent 360-degree shock absorption.