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The iPhone 13 Pro is quite the high-end handset with an A15 Bionic Chip, triple-cam Pro Camera System, MagSafe capability, and an all-screen OLED display with ProMotion. Sure, I'm a tech professional with an iPhone 13 Pro, but I still want to look cute! Putting together an outfit includes dressing the iPhone 13 Pro in just the right case. Here are some of the best cute cases for iPhone 13 Pro.

Apple Leather Case Iphone 13 Pro Render Cropped

Apple's luxury leather: Apple iPhone 13 Pro Leather Case with MagSafe

Staff Pick

Elegant leather is always a treat, and Apple does it right with high-quality, supple leather that's specially tanned and finished. You know Apple makes some of the best iPhone 13 Pro cases. I like the combination of the gold iPhone with Dark Cherry case or the Sierra Blue phone with the Wisteria case in particular.

Velvet Caviar Iphone 13 Pro Case Butterfly Render Cropped

Major protection and style: Velvet Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Case

Velvet Caviar cases, which we've often reviewed, come in a stylish variety of designs for iPhone 13 Pro; if you came to read this list, I know you'll find at least one you'll love. But they are more than pretty: these cases offer up to 10-foot drop protection. Some of the cases even have a MagSafe option.

Cyrill Cecile Iphone 13 Pro Case Flower Garden Render Cropped

Pretty florals: CYRILL Cecile for iPhone 13 Pro Case

The reasonably-priced CYRILL Cecile iPhone Case comes in two pretty floral designs, one of which has a MagSafe option. The clear TPU case lets you see the color of your iPhone 13 Pro while protecting your phone with Air Cushion Technology, as we noted in our review.

From $20 at Amazon
Otterbox Core Series Case For Magsafe Iphone 13 Pro Render Cropped

Funfetti style: OtterBox Core Series for MagSafe Case

The OtterBox Core Series for MagSafe iPhone Case is a favorite of mine I've reviewed and reminds me of funfetti cake, but it's actually made from 50% recycled plastic regrind. This gives it a fun look as well as a pleasing texture that feels nice in-hand. Plus, you get that famed OtterBox protection and MagSafe compatibility.

Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell Case Iphone 13 Pro Render Cropped

Sophisticated designer look: Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell Case

The Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell Case is one of my all-time favorite cases. It's slim yet protective, and it comes in a gorgeous variety of designer looks. You can get some of the designs in a MagSafe-compatible version.

Casetify Impact Case Iphone 13 Pro Render Cropped

Endless variety: CASETiFY Impact Case for iPhone 13 Pro

If you're not sure what you'd like, spend some time browsing the many CASETiFY Impact Case options, both with and without MagSafe compatibility. We've reviewed one of the cases and loved its protective nature and variety of designs. You can even upload your own design if nothing grabs you. Find some adorable ones on Amazon or head to CASETiFY's website for the whole selection.

Smartish Iphone 13 Pro Wallet Case Render Cropped

Wallet Slayer: Smartish iPhone 13 Pro Wallet Case

Leave the wallet at home because this cute case has room for up to three credit cards and a bit of cash. Choose from a few charming patterns or solid colors. Pro Tip: you can even choose a custom design if you click on the "Secret Menu" option.

From $20 at Amazon
Sonix Case Iphone 13 Pro Magsafe Render Cropped

Fashionable: Sonix Case for iPhone 13 Pro with MagSafe Charging

Sonix is always coming out with new styles, so you know you'll always be on-trend. The fashion-forward Sonix case is one we've reviewed and loved, can be found at high-end department stores. It's MagSafe-compatible for use with Apple's MagSafe accessories or the Sonix MagSafe charger/accessory lineup.

From $25 at Amazon
Popsockets Popcase For Magsafe Render Cropped

Best of both worlds: PopSockets PopCase for MagSafe

The PopSockets PopCase for MagSafe is the case I always travel with because of its flexibility. The PopGrip, both a grip and a kickstand, is on a slide that moves up, down, or off to allow MagSafe or wireless charging. During my testing I found that, conveniently, if the PopGrip itself looks too boring, you can just swap it out with a cuter one.

Zagg Gear4 Milan Snap Magsafe Case Iphone 13 Pro Gold Ombre Render Cropped

Ombré style: ZAGG Gear4 Milan Snap iPhone Case review

The ZAGG Gear4 Milan Snap Case comes in two pretty ombré gradient colors: rose (pink) and gold. The MagSafe-compatible case is slim and grippy and even contains recycled plastics. Best of all, it offers 13-foot drop protection as we discovered in our testing.

Icedo Iphone 13 Pro Case Render Cropped

Trendy: ICEDO iPhone 13 Pro Case with Screen Protector

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens, how cute is this leopard-print case? If that's not your style, ICEDO has dozens of other trendy patterns ranging from painterly to floral. It even comes with a tempered glass screen protector even at this low print point.

$13 at Amazon
Hython Case For Iphone 13 Pro Render Cropped

Shine bright: Hython Case for iPhone 13 Pro Case Glitter

This soft, flexible TPU case has glitter embedded within, so it will sparkle forever. You don't have to worry that it will flake off. Choose from a handful of translucent colors or stick with clear, depending on how much of your iPhone's color you wish to see through it.

From $8 at Amazon

Which of the best cute cases for iPhone 13 Pro should you choose?

Apple's own cases are always a safe bet; you know they will hug the lines of your iPhone to perfection and allow it to fully function from within the case. Plus, the Apple cases are so elegant and come with that cool Apple logo on the back. The leather is lovely, but note that like all leather products, it will develop a warm patina over time. If you're not into that, then pick a different case.

I own several Kate Spade cases, and I probably use them most often. They are colorful and yet still somewhat neutral, so they go with a lot of different outfits. I prefer the MagSafe-compatible cases, but Kate Spade also offers their cases without that option for slightly less money.

Speaking of money, if you'd prefer to spend less of it on an iPhone case, go for the ICEDO iPhone 13 Pro Case with Screen Protector. With its low price point, you could choose several of the pretty and unique designs. Once you take a look through the choices, you're probably going to want to. It even comes with a good screen protector for your iPhone 13 Pro, which I always recommend using with any case.

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