Best environmentally friendly iPhone 13 cases iMore 2022

Most iPhone cases are made with PVC plastic so if you're trying to reduce your plastic waste, the average plastic iPhone case isn't going to fit the bill. Instead, opt for an eco-friendly option like one of the best environmentally friendly iPhone 13 cases on this list. Here we have iPhone 13 cases that are made from natural sources, recycled plastic, and even compostable materials.

Griffin Survivor Earth Case

Best protection: Griffin Survivor Earth

Staff Pick

All of the cases on this list have eco-friendly features, but not all of them are protective cases. With the Survivor Earth Case, you get the best of both worlds. This case is made from plant-based bio-resins and it offers a whopping 20 feet of drop protection.

Eco Friendly Pela Phone Case

Green, green case: Pela Forest Floor iPhone 13 Case

Green-minded and green in color, this Pela case is so plant-based that it's actually biodegradable. When we reviewed the Pela Case, we found that it provides adequate protection, and when you're ready to move on, you can toss the flax-based material right into the compost.

Mmore Mountain Stone Phone Case

Strong as rocks: MMORE Mountain Stone Phone Case

MMORE uses a range of nature-based materials, including herbs and wood, to make their all-natural iPhone cases. This one is made from a paper-thin sheet of actual stone materials for the backing. The protective bumpers are made from biodegradable sources.

$41 at MMORE
Reveal Cork Wood Case

A tree with every purchase: Reveal Cork Wood Case

For every purchase made, Reveal plants a tree! As if that weren't enough, all of its products are made from renewable resources like cork and bamboo. The Reveal Cork Wood Case comes plain or painted with a beautiful Japanese-inspired scene.

$28 at Amazon
Casetify Custom Phone Case

Personalize it: Casetify Custom Compostable Case

Not only are Casetify's cases plant-based and compostable, but they can also be personalized with eco-friendly ink! Get it printed with your name, initials, or tagline and feel good about a company that uses sustainable manufacturing processes from the factory to the packaging.

From $50 at Casetify
Lifeproof Wake Series Case

Support clean oceans: LifeProof WAKE SERIES Case

If clean oceans are your cause of choice, this is the iPhone 13 case for you. The LifeProof Wake series is made out of recycled plastic salvaged from Earth's oceans. iMore's product reviewers concluded that the Wake is both attractive and durable, as well as eco-friendly.

Case Mate Eco

Best eco-friendly clear case: Case-Mate ECO94 Eco Friendly Case

Not all environmentally friendly iPhone 13 cases are made from dark, opaque materials. Case-Mate makes a crystal clear case out of post-consumer recycled plastics. It is also packaged in recycled paper, and both the case along with the packaging are recyclable after use.

Conscious consumerism FTW

Fortunately for conscious consumers, there are plenty of options for the best environmentally friendly iPhone 13 cases. Our favorite is the Griffin Survivor Earth because it offers the most robust protection with military-grade drop protection for falls of up to 20 feet. This case is also made from a combination of recycled materials and plant-based bio-resins.

If that one looks a little pricey, consider the beautiful Reveal Cork Wood Case. This one is also made from renewable resources and a tree is planted for every case purchased. Honestly, it may be hard to choose; there are so many planet-conscious companies, it might be difficult to decide which one to support!

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