Best environmentally friendly iPhone 13 mini cases iMore 2022

You want to protect iPhone 13 mini, but you want to keep your environmental impact to a minimum. While many case companies use plastic to make lightweight and protective cases, some are making an effort to be eco-friendly. Choose a case made from recycled materials or cases that can be composted after use. Here are some of the best environmentally friendly iPhone 13 mini cases you can buy.

Otterbox Core Case With Magsafe Iphone 13 Mini

MagSafe-compatible: OtterBox Core Series for MagSafe iPhone Case

Staff Pick

Yes, the OtterBox Core Series for MagSafe case looks like funfetti cake and has a fun texture, but it's a case that offers great protection. I always get compliments when I use this case! It's made from 50% recycled materials like silicone and rubber re-grind.

Woodcessories Iphone 13 Mini Case Render Cropped

Wheat and straw: Woodcessories iPhone Case

Believe it or not, this case is actually made from organic 100% non-toxic wheat and straw, though we don't recommend eating it! With every purchase, Woodcessories plants a tree with Trees for the Future. When you move onto a different phone, send this case back and get 30% off the price of a new one.

$25 at Amazon
Pela Phone Case Iphone 13 Mini Render Cropped

Circular economy: Pela iPhone Case

Pela iPhone cases are plastic-free and made from flax, which is a naturally lightweight and protective substance. You'll get 13-foot drop protection. When you're done with the case, send it back to be recycled into a new case or composted. Choose from several color options.

$40 at Amazon
Reveal Iphone Case Render Cropped

Eco-friendly cork: Reveal Cork Leather iPhone Case

Did you know that cork trees do not have to be cut down to harvest the cork? This makes cork "leather" a naturally sustainable and earth-friendly material. Plus, with every purchase, a tree will be planted.

$28 at Amazon
Gemi-Case Iphone 13 Mini Render Cropped

Bargain priced: Gemi-Case iPhone Case

You don't have to spend a lot to go green. This zero-plastic case made from wheat fiber protects your iPhone naturally and comes in a handful of speckled colors.

$13 at Amazon
Casetify Impact Case For Iphone 13 Mini Render Cropped

Translucent: CASETiFY Impact Case for iPhone

This case comes in several translucent colors, which allow you to see your iPhone's Apple logo through it. It's made from 65% recycled materials and packed in 100% recycled packaging. You'll get 6.6-foot drop protection.

Survivor Endurance For Magsafe Iphone 13 Mini Render Cropped

Super protection: Survivor Endurance with MagSafe Case

I love using the Survivor Endurance with MagSafe Case. It's made with extremely lightweight and slim but protective recycled material, offering 14-foot drop protection. Plus, it's MagSafe-compatible, so you can use your favorite MagSafe accessories.

Mmore Phone Case Iphone 13 Mini Render Cropped

Sustainable organic case: MMORE Phone Case

This unique case is made from organic materials such as flowers, hay, coffee, wood, and more. There's a fun selection of natural designs you won't find elsewhere. It's even sealed with sugar resin.

From $44 at MMORE
Steeplab Eco Warrior Case Iphone 13 Mini Render Cropped

Biodegradable: SteepLab Eco-Warrior Case for iPhone

This slim, speckled case is 100% free of any plastics. It's both compostable and biodegradable and it comes in two natural, neutral colors: Cream of the Crop and Midnight Charcoal.

$20 at Amazon
Zagg Gear4 Crystal Palace Snap Iphone 13 Mini Render Cropped

Clear pick: ZAGG Gear4 Crystal Palace Snap iPhone Case

This clear case resembles Apple's own MagSafe case, but it has some added features and contains recycled plastics. Get up to 13 feet of drop protection, antimicrobial treatment, and full MagSafe compatibility.

$50 at ZAGG
Nimble Spotlight Case Iphone 13 Mini Render Cropped

Slim and protective: Nimble Spotlight Case for iPhone

The striking Nimble Spotlight Case is made with at least 72% certified recycled plastic from three types of post-consumer plastic: polycarbonate, TPU, and silicone. It comes in three colorways. Plus, it's drop-test certified to 15 feet. Send in your old plastic case and get 15% off your purchase.

$25 at Nimble
Incipio Organicore Iphone 13 Mini Render Cropped

Made from plants: Incipio Organicore for iPhone 13 mini

Incipio's Organicore case is made from plants and compostable. The case is slim, yet it offers eight-foot drop protection. With each case purchased, Incipio plants a tree with Eden Reforestation Projects. Choose from two colors: ocean blue or charcoal. There is also a clear version accented with the same colors.

What are the best environmentally friendly iPhone 13 mini cases for you?

I love the look and feel of the OtterBox Core Series for MagSafe iPhone case. It's so festive, with the funfetti look and feel. OtterBox grinds up silicone and rubber waste to make up 50% of this case. Plus, it has that magnetic array, so you can use your MagSafe charger and other MagSafe accessories with it. Choose from two colorful but neutral colors.

If you want something truly unique, check out the MMORE cases. There are a bunch of different colorways, each of which is made from different natural materials. The cases are sealed with sugar resin instead of chemicals and retain the fragrance and texture of their natural materials.

On the other hand, if you want something eco-friendly and yet quite inexpensive, the Gemi-Case iPhone Case is the way to go. It's actually made from wheat fiber, unlike the typical TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and PC (polycarbonate) cases that you see at that price point. I like that it comes in different colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste and your iPhone 13 mini's color.

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