Best Fashionable iPhone 12 Pro Cases iMore 2021

Did you just get the best iPhone, the iPhone 12 Pro? Welcome to the club! The iPhone 12 Pro is a great choice and a step above the regular iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini because of the Telephoto lens, LiDAR (great for Night mode Portraits), and a slight bump in RAM. But how about protecting it? If you want a case that helps you stand out among the crowd, then you should check out the best fashionable iPhone 12 Pro cases. Here are some of our favorites, and don't forget to check out the best iPhone 12 Pro screen protectors while you're at it!

Loopy Iphone 12 Pro Sparkle Case Render

Stop the drop: Loopy Original for iPhone 12/12 Pro

Staff Favorite

Loopy Cases have become one of my favorites, just because that loop on the back is so darn useful! It makes it easier and more comfortable to carry and use your iPhone with just one hand, making it perfect for selfies! It also comes in various colors, patterns, and designs, including my personal favorite, the Sparkle Series. Use code "imore10" for 10% off.

From $39 at Loopy Cases
Velvet Caviar Holo Moonstone 12 Pro Render

Holo all the things: Velvet Caviar Holo Moonstone iPhone 12 Pro Case

Velvet Caviar has a huge assortment of insanely cute and stylish iPhone cases that not only serve as a fashion statement but they are very tough and durable. The Holo Moonstone is one of my personal favorites, as it's a gorgeous blue and pink marble with holographic foil running throughout. The interior is lined with a plush microfiber to keep your device scuff-free, and you can get matching phone rings too.

Switcheasy Transparent Sparkle Pink 12 Pro Render

Sparkle and shine, oh my!: SwitchEasy Fashion Cases

SwitchEasy makes some great stylish iPhone 12 Pro cases in a few different styles: Starfield Shiny, Flash, Lucky Tracy, and Artist. These are tough and durable clear cases with sparkly waterfalls, colorful patterns, and cute designs. Since they're clear, the color of your iPhone 12 Pro will serve as an excellent backdrop.

From $14 at Amazon
Case Mate Iridescent Snake 12 Pro

Affordable variety: Case-Mate Cases for iPhone 12 Pro

Case-Mate is another one of our favorite brands, and that's because they come out with so many great designs for iPhone cases! You can choose from a few different iridescent styles, rhinestones, sparkle, and more. They are also quite durable and protective, and the company offers MagSafe options.

Casetify Queen Hearts 12 Pro Render

A case for every occasion: Casetify iPhone 12 Pro Cases

Casetify has a ton of different case designs. They often collaborate with other popular brands and even IPs like Pokémon and Hello Kitty and have patterns for holidays. You can also choose between Casetify's different case types (Glitter, Mirror, Impact, Ultra Impact, etc.) and customize bumper colors for most designs. There's something for everyone with Casetify.

From $50 at Casetify
Otterbox Symmetry Pink Shell Shocked 12 Pro Render

Tough, durable, stylish: OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series Pink Iridescent Shell Shocked Case

There's no denying it — pink is a trendy color when it comes to fashion, and this case has it. OtterBox Symmetry Series cases are tough and protective but have a slim profile, so it doesn't add too much bulk. The Symmetry Series also comes in quite a few different patterns and designs, but this Iridescent Pink Shell Shocked design is super cute.

Speck Presidio Edition Tropical Floral 12 Pro Render

A tropical vacay: Speck Presidio Edition Tropical Floral iPhone 12 Pro Case

Speck Presidio Edition is a clear case that allows your iPhone 12 Pro color to shine through while keeping it safe and protected. The Tropical Floral design features pink and orange hibiscus with lush green leaves and a calming butterfly. It's cute and sure to stand out among the crowd.

$34 at Amazon
Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Rose Quartz 12 Pro Render

Affordable sparkle: Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Rose Quartz Case

Spigen makes very affordable yet protective cases, and the Liquid Crystal Glitter in Rose Quartz is one of the cuter options. It is flexible TPU material is easy to get on and off, and it's transparent, so your iPhone 12 Pro color shines through. The glitter is evenly distributed throughout the case, giving your phone that extra bit of sparkle and shine.

$14 at Amazon
Urban Armor Gear U Anchor Iphone 12 Pro Render

Strong and empowering: Urban Armor Gear U Anchor Series Case for iPhone 12 Pro

Urban Armor Gear is usually known for its tough and rugged cases, but it recently launched the new U by UAG Gear Series, including the Anchor Case. The Anchor is a simple, lightweight case with an impact-resistant core and a matte finish. It also comes in several colors, including my personal favorite, Dusty Rose.

$40 at Urban Armor Gear

Stay stylish with the best fashionable iPhone 12 Pro cases

When it comes to protecting your iPhone 12 Pro, there are plenty of stylish and fun options to choose from. On top of being cute and fashionable, these cases also provide you with plenty of protection from drops, scratches, and scuffs, especially when paired with the best iPhone 12 Pro screen protectors.

If you want some recommendations, one of my personal favorites these days is the Loopy Case. I have the Sparkle Series in Turquoise and Pink, and I am in love with them! The rubbery loop gives you a great grip for one-handed use (and selfies!) and is an easy way to carry your iPhone without dropping it (and I am usually pretty clumsy). Plus, if you love glitter and sparkle, the Sparkle Series is the absolute best — since it's metal-based, it's incredibly sparkly in the light. Plus, all Loopy Cases come with a cute drawstring pouch for storage. You can use the code "imore10" to get 10% off your Loopy Case purchase.

I like Velvet Caviar, especially the Holo Moonstone case. The unique marble design with holo foil is sure to catch some looks when you're out and about, and the cases themselves are tough and durable. Plus, if you don't like the Holo Moonstone design, Velvet Caviar has many other options to choose from.

Finally, if you want a case for every occasion, there's always Casetify cases. They have a ton of different designs, including ones for special holidays, as well as limited-edition collaborations, like the Pokémon collection. Plus, you can choose the case type for each design, which can range from the slim Impact to the more tough and rugged Impact Ultra, and there are certain types with cool extras, like Neon Sand and more.

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