iPhone 6 flip cases

You want to protect your iPhone 6—or, theoretically, your upcoming iPhone 6s—as best you can, and that means keeping it completely covered with a case, including the front. Often enough, these kinds of flip cases can stash your credit card or help keep your iPhone propped up as a stand. We've got a wide range of flip cases for iPhone 6 here, including

Tech21 Classic Shell Flip Cover

Tech21's tried-and-true slim snap case with impact-absorbing D3O gel has a few covered variants. The Classic Shell Flip Cover is a portrait flip which clasps at the top of your iPhone 6. When open, it can easily act as a portrait stand for your iPhone. There's also a wallet-style case with the same classic shell, if you're looking to stash a few credit cards in there somewhere.

TwelveSouth BookBook

The BookBook is one of the better-looking wallet cases available for the iPhone 6. It has the feel and exterior of a well-worn novel, complete with real leather construction. Inside there's plenty of room for ID cards and some cash. New to the latest generation of BookBook cases is a mounting mechanism so you can slip off the wallet portion when you need to. Beneath is a soft-touch shell that still offers baseline protection. The outer wallet layer can act as a stand when partially disconnected from the inner shell. The TwelveSouth BookBook is a great-looking way to bring everything with you at once. Models in real brown and black leather are available.

Totu Smart Cover

The Totu Smart Cover is an imaginative take on iPhone 6 flip cases. In addition to providing a window through which you can check the time, a band lets you answer calls without having to open the flap. A small slit for the earpiece is also there to take the calls. A magnetic latch keeps the front cover closed and secure. Gaps in the rear of the case give your camera and Apple logo a clear view. The caveat here is that these interface elements will stay persistent through iOS 9, though it's safe to assume Totu will update their lineup accordingly.

Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Book

The Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Book offers a similar bookish charm to it as TwelveSouth, but with this model you also get a Baltic birch frame and folio-style band to keep the front flap closed. The bookmark release mechanism is cute, too. You can store ID cards and money on the inside, though it doesn't seem like it can be propped up as a stand. There are a handful of color combinations for the exterior leather and interior lining, depending on your style.

Nitto Trick Cover

Nitto's Trick Cover case might be goofy, but the novelty value can't be denied. It packs a sliding mechanism that allows you flip your iPhone 6 one-handed between covering the rear and covering the front. Though you might not be inclined to bust your sweet nunchaku moves in public, it would certainly keep fiddling with clasps and magnets to a minimum. Combinations of black, red, and white for either section of the case are available, plus it can be used to keep your iPhone 6 propped up as a stand. As an added bonus, there's a separate card compartment with a signal protection sheet so you can use transit passes with your iPhone 6 in this case.

Your favorites?

Hopefully one of these options will protect your iPhone 6 just the way you want to. Let us know in the comments which flip cases you're really interested lately.

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