Best gaming cases for iPhone 13 Pro iMore 2022

Avid iPhone gamers know that the struggle is real. Your iPhone runs hot, your battery drains fast, and your hands get sweaty. There are a variety of ways to solve these problems, although there's no one case that does it all. We've searched a variety of products that can improve the gaming experience on iPhone. These are the best gaming cases for iPhone 13 Pro, as well as some additional accessories that will make a difference in your gameplay.

Otterbox Easy Grip Gaming Case

Best overall: Otterbox Easy Grip Gaming Antimicrobial Case

Staff Pick

When Otterbox makes a case, they mean it. This is the best choice because it solves a range of problems. The case implements CoolVergence technology to dispel heat during gameplay. It has a super grippy surface and an antimicrobial coating to combat the buildup of germs from sweaty hands.

Torras Marsclimber Iphone 13 Pro Case

Best for controllers: Torras MoonClimber iPhone 13 Pro Case

If you're the kind of gamer who prefers to use a traditional controller for your iPhone, then you'll benefit from having a case that includes a kickstand to prop the screen up at a viewable angle. The Torras case is sturdy and tucks away nicely when not in use.

From $22 at Amazon
Razer Arctech Pro For Iphone 13 Pro

Cooling case with a cool look: Razer Arctech Pro

The Razer Arctech is another mainstay in the gaming case category. When we reviewed this case, we loved how the perforated design provides grip and control alongside Thermaphene™ cooling technology. The green and gray design is also quite eye-catching.

Gamesir X2 Lightning Mobile Gaming Controller

Instant controller: GameSir X2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Game Controller

The GameSir X2 is a gamepad that attaches to your iPhone for more control and versatility, perfect for anyone who likes to play with joysticks. It slips on and off easily, and the heat-dissipating design will keep your iPhone cool, as we noted in our linked review.

$60 at Amazon
Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller

Charge while you play: Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller for iPhone

Like the GameSir, the Razer Kishi is a favorite here at iMore. During our testing of the product, we raved about how it serves as a detachable gamepad that you can slip onto your iPhone 13 Pro for gaming purposes. This one has a Lightning port that even allows for passthrough charging, so you can charge both the controller and the iPhone while you play.

Watache Iphone 13 Pro Case

Best value: WATACHE Rotation Ring Case

If you just need a little extra leverage, a ring case like this one from WATACHE allows you to hold your iPhone more securely or stand it horizontally while you play. This one also provides excellent drop protection, and it comes in at a low price point, too!

From $5 at Amazon
Clear Stand And Grip Case

Built-in stand and grip: Clckr Clear Stand and Grip Case

The Clckr Stand and Grip Case has a neat attachment on the back that functions as both a stand and extra-secure grip for a more versatile built-in stand. Stand the iPhone securely in any orientation or strap it to your hand for drop protection.

$35 at Clckr
Magsafe Battery Pack

Bring the juice: Apple MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone

Gaming can really affect battery life, so keep your iPhone juiced as you play with this detachable MagSafe Battery Pack from Apple. During our hands-on testing of this battery pack, we discovered just how convenient it is to slap it on and have it click into place. This is a necessity for charging your iPhone 13 Pro on the go.

Playas gonna game

With any of the best gaming cases for iPhone 13 Pro, you can improve your iOS gaming experience. I recommend the Otterbox Easy Grip Gaming Case because it has a little bit of everything. Grip, heat, protection, and bacteria buildup are all addressed by this smart gaming case.

If you're looking for more of a gamepad, the Razer Kishi is a great solution because it brings both joysticks and simultaneous charging functionality. This one also works great with Apple Arcade and all of the best games you can play on it. Honestly, any of these accessories will allow you to get your game on in new and improved ways.

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