Best Heavy Duty Cases for iPhone XS in 2020

iPhone XS Rugged Cases
iPhone XS Rugged Cases

If you tend to drop your iPhone, even occasionally, it's a good idea to keep a heavy-duty case on your iPhone. Generally, a thicker case is going to be the most protective, but there are thinner options that still have some excellent drop protection. Either way, if you want your phone to be a tank, here are some of the best heavy-duty cases you can buy.

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Whether you're a phone dropper (or, ugh, a thrower) or you just need extra protection in certain situations, a good heavy duty case might be just the thing. Though I'm not a big heavy-duty case person myself, my personal favorite of the super protective cases is the Speck Presidio Grip (opens in new tab) for its relatively thin profile, grippiness, ease of removal, and an awesome array of color choices.

If budget is no issue, try the Lifeproof Frē (opens in new tab). It's everything-proof - water, snow, drops, slam dunks, you name it! Of course, it does also come with a pretty significant price tag. No matter your budget or lifestyle, there's sure to be a heavy-duty case on this list that's perfect for your iPhone XS.