Best iPhone 11 Cases with Screen Protectors iMore 2022

Dropping an iPhone doesn't have to be the end of the world. Although there are plenty of options on the market that boast durability, these are the best iPhone 11 cases. These babies are equipped with screen protection built right into the design. Waterproof? Check. Twenty-feet drops? Sure, why not. (Although you should avoid dropping your device on purpose.) These iPhone 11 cases can take a punch while keeping the screen and cameras protected from everyday use.

I Blason Iphone11 Ares Case

Most durable: i-Blason Ares Case

Staff Pick

Besides combatting dirt and moisture, i-Blason's Ares full-body case also protects from falls of up to 20 feet. Its built-in screen protector is scratch-resistant without compromising on touch sensitivity. This case comes in a variety of pigments with a clear backing that allows your device's true color to shine through.

Lifeproof Iphone 11 Waterproof Case

All-around protection: Fre Protective Water-Resistant Case

This water-resistant beast by LifeProof absorbs shock, but not water. Phones submerged at depths in up to two meters of liquid remain dry for one hour. This case also offers all-around protection for your device as it resists falls of 6.6 feet to ensure the utmost protection against the elements and accidental drops.

Wakmart Iphone11 Case

Most affordable: AllyTech Full-Body Case

A case with no fuss—but also does its job. This reinforced TPU bumper phone case is shockproof, anti-scratch, and thin with a good grip, so it's easy to hold in your pocket. The case's four raised edges reinforce its corners to help absorb accidental drops and protects against shock to ensure it doesn't crack the camera or front display screen.

$11 at Walmart
Hontech Magnetic Iphone11 Case

Magnetic technology: ZHIKE Anti-Peep Magnetic Adsorption Case

This slim case is strong with all-around magnetic protection. It also offers some added privacy; you can only view the screen from the front, leaving bystanders on either side of the phone only with a black screen. The metal frame is anti-drop and shock-absorbing, making it a trustworthy choice to protect your phone from scratches and smudges.

$21 at Amazon
Spidercase Iphone

Heavy duty protection: SPIDERCASE

This case is military drop tested and has a built-in protector with two layers to provide excellent protection against the elements. The raised edges are designed to ensure the screen and camera are safe, and the four corners of the case effectively absorb shock. This case is also wireless compatible and disassembles with ease.

$15 at Amazon

Our recommendations

If you are prone to dropping your device or have kids that might have slippery fingers, these cases are sure to give you a sense of relief. Be sure to check out i-Blason's Ares Case for all-around protection from accidental drops. It's a fine choice if you're looking to protect your screen without compromising on touch sensitivity. It's also a great choice if you want to show off the true color of your iPhone 11.

If you're on a tight budget, Walmart's Ally Tech Full Body Case will also protect your iPhone while saving you a little cash at the same time. Its minimal design makes the case look nearly invisible, but the reinforced, raised edges protect from accidental drops and absorbs shock nicely. Regardless of your needs, these suggestions will keep your phone safe while still looking sleek.

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