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Best iPhone 12 battery cases 2022

The iPhone 12 boasts an impressive battery life of about eight hours, but if you're traveling, camping, or doing overtime at work, you may need to increase that battery life to get through those really long days. For that, a battery case is a super convenient way to squeeze more juice out of your iPhone. Here you'll find the best iPhone 12 battery cases to keep that iPhone going when you don't have time to stop and charge it.

Always top off your iPhone 12 with a great battery case

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Never run out of juice

There you have it — the best iPhone 12 battery cases to keep you in the juice even on those extra-long busy days. We prefer the Alpatronix for its high quality and smart compatibility with wireless charging technology. The certified Lightning chip inside also ensures total compatibility with all accessories and Apple technologies.

For budget-conscious shoppers, the NEWDERY Battery Case also offers a lot of the same benefits at a lower price. Although this brand is not as well-known and trusted as Alpatronix, they offer a good battery case that supports wireless charging. After considering each option carefully, we're sure one of these battery cases will be the perfect fit to meet your needs.

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