Best iPhone 12 Cases for Runners iMore 2022

The iPhone has become a necessary accessory when out on a run, providing maps, music, and even guidance in the form of coaching apps. The best way to carry an iPhone during a run, however, is totally up to you. We've compiled this list of the best iPhone 12 cases for runners, as well as some other handy iPhone running accessories such as belts and pouches, to keep your pace while keep your tech secure.

Armpocket X Phone Armband

The classic armband: Armpocket X Phone Armband

Staff Pick

Although there a lot of ways to keep your iPhone safe during a run, my favorite is still the classic armband case. The Armpocket is made of soft, breathable bamboo fiber that won't feel hot or sweaty on your arm, and it leaves the screen accessible through a thin transparent layer on the front.

Reveresport Universal Iphone Running Armband

Best value: RevereSport Universal Running Armband

Like the Armpocket, the RevereSport is also an armband approach, but with a simpler design and a lower price point. This one allows you to turn the iPhone into a horizontal position for easier viewing while it's in the case. Although this one doesn't offer quite as much protection as some running cases, it is a lightweight, easy solution.

$17 at Amazon
Adidas Phone Case Compatible With Iphone

Hand holding: adidas Sport Grip Case

If you like to keep your iPhone 12 in-hand and accessible during a run, the adidas Sport Grip is the perfect solution. A collapsible strap on the back works as a hand grip so your iPhone won't fall out of your hand. Even if it does, the tough TPU case has rubberized edges that will protect the phone from hard drops and falls.


Incognito approach: FlipBelt

Safety is key on an outdoor run, so keeping your iPhone 12 out of sight is not a bad idea. The FlipBelt has a discreet pocket to tuck your phone into, as well as a place to keep keys and cards so the hands stay free during your run. This running belt fits snugly around your waist, comfortable and out of sight.

Tikaton Running Vest

Aerodynamics approved: Tikaton Running Vest

Serious runners know that balance is vital to a successful long-distance run. Keeping an iPhone in your hand or tucked into a pocket can throw off your pace, so try keeping it tucked into a running vest to stay balanced. The Tikaton is a vented, lightweight vest with pockets for your iPhone, keys, cars, and even some extra space for energy gels or bars.

$30 at Amazon
Otterbox Defender Series

Best for rough terrain: OtterBox Defender Series

If you're running through rough trails and heavy terrain, only an OtterBox will do. This is one of the toughest cases there is, and it comes with a holster clip so it can be easily attached to your belt or waistband. The holster section can be removed when you're not running.

Running Buddy Magnetic Buddy Pouch

Simple and efficient: Running Buddy Magnetic Pouch

An alternative to the running belt, the Running Buddy is a compact pouch that uses magnets to attach to any belt, waistband, or strap. It's just large enough to securely hold an iPhone, keys, and a few cards.

$23 at Amazon
Rokform   Iphone

Most versatile: Rokform Crystal Case

Rokform offers a range of unique sports cases that implement a system of magnets and locking mechanisms to attach to accessories. This system can be used to attach the iPhone to a belt clip, treadmill, or even a bicycle. It's the most versatile case we've seen that will suit running alongside many other sports.

Ready to Run

Anyone with a healthy love for running will need an iPhone 12 case for runners to protect that pristine smartphone. I prefer the classic armband to keep the iPhone safe and accessible on my arm while I run. The Armpocket is made of a soft breathable fabric that doesn't feel hot or heavy against the skin.

A more serious runner than me, however, might need something more aerodynamic like the Tikaton Running Vest that holds the phone in the center of the body for better balance. The iPhone pocket on this vest flips down for easy access to your iPhone touchscreen. This is only one of many innovative options to help you run safely with your iPhone 12.

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