Best iPhone 12 Clear Cases iMore 2022

The iPhone 12 breaks away from the rounded design of previous years and ushers in a retro era of flat sides and squared edges. It's a cool look that is somehow retro, yet fresh and new at the same time. If you love the new look as much as we do, you won't want to cover all that up with an opaque case. That's why you need this list of the best iPhone 12 clear cases to show off that lovely new design.

Incipio Slim Case

The clear combo: Incipio Slim Case

Staff Pick

The Incipio Slim is a combination of attractive simplicity and reliable drop protection. With 14-foot drop protection along with substantially raised bezels around the screen and camera, you won't have to worry about any damage to your iPhone while it's in this case. It's also crystal clear and shiny with a variety of transparent color choices.

Apple Clear Case With Magsafe

The original MagSafe: Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

The first case ever made with full MagSafe compatibility, the Apple Clear Case is strong, clear, and slim. Since it's made by Apple, you can count on a perfect fit with snug, clicky buttons. And of course, the case works well with all MagSafe accessories.

Peel Ultra Thin

Slimmest fit: PEEL Ultra Thin Case

For the thinnest clear case possible, PEEL delivers a soft case that's less than a millimeter thick! It's the closest thing you'll find to a naked iPhone. Although it won't provide robust protection, the PEEL case will save your iPhone 12 from minor bumps and scratches.

$29 at Amazon
Symmetry Clear Series

Best protection: OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series

When heavy-duty protection is what's required, you can't go wrong with OtterBox. The OtterBox Symmetry provides robust military-grade drop protection for every surface of your iPhone 12. While it's not the slimmest case on this list, the Symmetry is pretty thin for OtterBox standards.

Diaclara Clear Case With Built In Screen Protector

All about that screen: Diaclara Case with Built-in Screen Protector

The Diaclara Case packs a little something extra in the way of a built-in screen protector. This ensures protection on every side, including protection from scratches or scuffs on the screen. The two-piece design makes installation simple and quick.

$15 at Amazon
Mosnovo Clear Case With Design

Pretty pretty prints: MOSNOVO Clear Case with Design

Clear cases allow the iPhone's beauty to show, but they can feel a little boring. If you want a clear case with a little pizzazz, check out MOSNOVO's print collection. This model incorporates fun printed designs on the clear case while the iPhone still shines through underneath.

$16 at Amazon
Temdan Clear Case

Best value: Temdan Clear Case

For a basic clear case that won't empty your wallet, the Temdan Clear Case is simple yet effective. With raised bezels around the screen and camera, it provides adequate protection, and it also supports wireless charging.

$10 at Amazon
Torras Moonclimber

Take a stand: TORRAS MoonClimber

Here's a case that can multitask. The TORRAS MoonClimber comes with a discreet built-in stand that can prop up the iPhone 12 in both horizontal and vertical orientations. The slim metal stand doesn't take away from the minimal profile of the clear case.

$20 at Amazon

The Clear Choice

It's time to make the choice — a clear choice for your iPhone 12. These are the best iPhone 12 clear cases we've found to date, so you can't go wrong here. Our favorite is the Incipio Slim Case for a combination of good drop protection and sleek looks.

If you need rugged heavy-duty protection, however, you may prefer to invest in the OtterBox Symmetry. This case will render your iPhone 12 virtually indestructible. No matter which of these cases you choose, it will allow the beauty of your iPhone 12 to shine through.

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