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In and of itself, the iPhone 12 has a smart, sophisticated look. A lot of cases take away from the simple beauty, but there's one way to enhance that refined feel — with a stylish leather case! We've done the work and compiled a list of the best iPhone 12 leather cases to keep your iPhone safe and looking smart. Keep in mind, if you use the MagSafe charger with a genuine leather case, it may develop the shadow of a ring where the magnets are, but we say it just adds character.

Nomad Rugged Leather Folio Case

That wallet feel: Nomad Rugged Leather Folio

Staff Pick

If you're going to invest in a fine leather case, you might as well kill two birds and buy a folio case that doubles as a wallet and iPhone case. The Nomad Rugged Folio is a slim wallet case crafted from high-quality Horween leather. It can hold three cards, along with some cash, and it supports all MagSafe accessories.

Apple Leather Case

From the mother ship: Apple Leather Case

No iPhone leather case list would be complete without the original Apple Leather Case. Made from silky soft leather, this case comes in several attractive colors and, yes, of course it supports MagSafe. The Apple leather case develops a natural patina over time that may reflect the magnetic ring if you use the MagSafe charger.

Esr Premium Real Leather Case

Slim and affordable: ESR Premium Real Leather Case

The ESR Real Leather Case is a simple, slim case constructed of real black leather. Despite its thin profile, the raised bezels around the screen and camera provide reliable drop protection. This one also comes in at a very attractive price point.

$26 at Amazon
Salawat Pu Leather Case

Best value: Salawat PU Leather Case

For smaller budgets, a genuine leather case may not be the best option. Genuine leather is simply more expensive, but you can get a similar look and feel with PU leather. This polyurethane leather case from Salawat shares the same refined look as a genuine leather case for almost half the price.

From $8 at Amazon
Mous Limitless 3.0 Case

A little something different: Mous Limitless 3.0

The Mous Limitless 3.0 is well known for its high-quality protection and unique materials. Its leather edition is not just plain black leather either. Mous added white speckles to its black leather back panel to make it stand out. It's a striking look that goes well with the highly protective TPU bumpers.

From $50 at Amazon
Bellroy Leather Case With Card Holder

Hidden trapdoor: Bellroy Leather Card Case

At first glance, the Bellroy looks like a nice, plain leather case. But on closer inspection, you'll see that the back panel houses a nifty trapdoor that allows you to keep cards or cash within its back panel. The soft, fine leather case comes in eight vibrant colors.

Leathersafe Iphone 12 Case

Rugged leather protection: Pad & Quill LeatherSafe Case

Pad & Quill cases are unique in their construction, handmade from fine leather, each case has its own individual look and feel. The LeatherSafe model combines full-grain leather with tough polycarbonate to provide rugged, two-meter drop protection for every surface of the iPhone 12.

$24 at Pad & Quill
Apple Leather Sleeve

Updgrade pick: Apple Leather Sleeve

For those who prefer a naked iPhone but need some protection as they go about their day, the Apple Leather Sleeve is an ideal solution. The iPhone 12 remains safe and secure inside the soft, fine leather sleeve, but you can enjoy the simple joy of a naked iPhone whenever you take it out. The hour will always show through the precisely cut front window. Be warned, however; this case is not for the faint of budget.

Patina please

If you love a good leather patina, go for one of the genuine leather cases above. The best iPhone 12 leather cases will change gradually over time, each one with its own patina and story to tell. We prefer the Nomad Rugged Leather Folio because it serves as a fine leather wallet as well as an iPhone case.

If you prefer a slim feel over a wallet case, try the ESR Real Leather Case. This one is sleek and soft, with a thin profile that still keeps your iPhone protected from minor drops and falls. The shiny black leather gives the iPhone a slick, refined look. No matter what kind of leather you like, you're sure to find a leather case on this list that will perfectly complement your iPhone 12.

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