Best iPhone 12 Pro Battery Cases iMore 2021

The iPhone 12 Pro battery is a formidable powerhouse that sometimes lasts all day! But heavy users may find that even this battery won't last during long trips or heavy workdays. If you need an extra bit of juice to get your iPhone through the last few hours of the day, check out the best iPhone 12 Pro battery cases to get the job done.

Charge Fast Magsafe Power Pack

MagSafe FTW!: Charge Fast MagSafe Power Pack

Staff Pick

This is one of the most exciting accessories I've seen for Apple's new MagSafe technology. The magnetic battery pack implements the MagSafe system to snap onto the back of any iPhone 12 model and MagSafe case to deliver 5,000mAh of fast-charging juice. When it's done, just take it off and put it away for next time. The Charge Fast Power Pack supports simultaneous wireless charging as well.

$40 at Charge Fast
Zerolemon Battery Case

Power + protection: ZeroLemon Battery Case

If you need extra protection alongside extra battery power, the ZeroLemon Case is for you. This one has reinforced corners and raised edges around the screen and camera for 360-degree drop protection. It adds up to 120% extra battery life to the iPhone 12 Pro and supports wireless charging.

Zttopo Battery Case

Kickstand included: Zttopo Battery Case

Another 5,000mAh battery case, the Zttopo comes with a nifty kickstand that works in both vertical and horizontal configurations. The Zttopo protects against drops as well as over-charging, but it does not support wireless charging.

$36 at Amazon
Jerss Battery Case

All the pretty colors: JERSS Battery Case

While most battery cases only come in one color (black), the JERSS case comes in several vivid colorways to express your personality. This accessory also provides the biggest battery - a full 7,000mAh of additional battery power.

$31 at Amazon
Allezru Battery Case

Easy install: Allezru Battery Case

The Allezru case is built with a soft rubbery outer layer that provides both protection and easy installation. No need to wrestle with this case to get it on and off. The soft material will slip right over your iPhone for a grippy, snug fit.

$23 at Amazon

Slim pick: Alpatronix Battery Case

The slimmest on our list, the Alpatronix is thinner and more lightweight than other battery cases, making it easier to tote around. This is a long-running manufacturer of battery cases that continues to build reliable products over time.

Mophie Juice Pack

Removeable power: mophie Juice Pack Connect Compact

Like the Fast Charge pack, the Mophie Juice Pack can be affixed and removed from your iPhone as needed. However, this one does not work with MagSafe; instead, it uses an adhesive mount to slide and off. The mount doubles as a kickstand when the battery pack is not installed.

Everlasting Juice

With one of the best iPhone 12 Pro battery cases on your phone, your battery life will seem endless. Whether you're traveling, camping, or working long days, you need to count on your iPhone to stay charged as long as you do. We like the Charge Fast Power Pack for easy convenience since it snaps right onto the iPhone 12 Pro using the MagSafe system.

For a thinner, more permanent option, the Alpatronix is a slimmer, lightweight battery case that will more than double your iPhone's battery life. It also comes from a reliable manufacturer that has been producing quality battery cases for years. Any of these cases will prove to be a convenient option to keep your iPhone alive as long as you need it.

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