Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases for Runners iMore 2021

If you plan on running with your iPhone 12 Pro, it's important to exercise with caution. Even that ceramic shield screen can shatter if dropped on asphalt! To take your handset on a run, it's best to find one of the best iPhone 12 Pro cases for runners to keep it safe. Lucky for you, we've put together this handy list to make your search easier.

Adidas Case

Keep that iPhone handy: adidas Case with Hand Strap

Staff Pick

If you like to keep your iPhone on hand when you run, then a tough case with a hand strap will be just the thing. This adidas Case is made with a TPU polymer construction, a polycarbonate backplate, and raised bezeled edges for excellent protection for hard drops. Even better, a snug hand grip on the backside keeps the phone securely in hand with less risk of falling.

$35 at Amazon
Reveresport Universal Iphone Running Armband

Easy turnaround: RevereSport Universal Running Armband

One of the most popular ways to run with an iPhone is to keep it inside an armband case. This one from RevereSport has a minimal design that will work with any size of iPhone. It also allows you to swivel the iPhone 12 Pro around for better viewing if needed.

Lifeproof Lifeactiv Armband With Quickmount

Quickmount compatible: Lifeproof Lifeactiv Armband With Quickmount

For those who use the LifeProof Quickmount system, the LifeProof Quickmount armband is super convenient. If your case is already equipped with a Quickmount connector, just snap it right on. If not, no worries! This armband comes with an adhesive Quickmount connector as well.

Sporteer Velocity V7 Running Armband

A roomy armband: Sporteer Velocity V7 Running Armband

Another armband option, the Sporteer Velocity V7 has a little more room to work with. Its zippered compartment will fit keys, cards, cash, and other small accessories, as well as an iPhone 12 Pro.

Flipbelt Zipper

iPhone incognito: FlipBelt Zipper

For times when a little discretion is called for, you can keep your iPhone in a FlipBelt instead of an exposed case. This belt has several pockets to keep your iPhone and valuables safe, and it can be worn under your shirt if you'd like to keep the iPhone 12 Pro out of sight.

Otterbox Defender Series

Belt holster: OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES

Another solution is a protective iPhone holster case. This can be worn over a belt or strap to keep the iPhone safe yet out of the way. The OtterBox Defender Series has a removable holster so you can remove the belt clip when it's not needed.

Sporteer Kinetic K1 Running Belt

More pockets: Sporteer Kinetic K1 Running Belt

The Sporteer Kinetic K1 is another running belt that can be worn around the waist or discreetly under your shirt. This one has more room and several pockets to keep more valuables inside, such as keys, money, or even small energy packs.

Tikaton Running Vest

The aerodynamic solution: Tikaton Running Vest

If you're serious about running, you'll want to stay well-balanced for long marathons. The Tikaton Running Vest keeps the iPhone in the center of your chest for better balance and an aerodynamic feel. The smartphone can be flipped out and back in for easy viewing as you go.

$36 at Amazon

Have iPhone, Will Run

If you're ready to run with your iPhone 12 Pro, any of the best iPhone 12 Pro cases for runners will make it easier. Our favorite is the adidas Case because it keeps your iPhone protected even if you prefer to keep it in hand while you run. The hand strap on the back doubles as a handy stand!

If you prefer to keep your iPhone tucked away discreetly while you run, the FlipBelt can keep it safe and out of sight. This lightweight running belt has two slim pockets, so you can tuck away a few other valuables as well. Consider the options on this list and choose the one that best suits your running style.

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