Best iPhone 12 Pro Clear Cases iMore 2022

The iPhone 12 Pro is a gorgeous model with retro lines that remind us of happy memories with the old iPhone 5. With the unique Pacific Blue colorway as well as classic shades of silver and gold, it seems a shame to cover it up with an opaque case. Show off that beautiful handset with one of the best iPhone 12 Pro clear cases.

Apple Clear Case With Magsafe

The original MagSafe: iPhone 12 Pro Clear Case with MagSafe

Staff Pick

This is the original clear case from Apple, and now it comes with MagSafe built-in to work seamlessly with any MagSafe accessory. The case provides adequate protection for all iPhone 12 Pro surfaces, and it will stay in good condition over time due to the scratch-resistant coating.

Ctybb Clear Case

Best value: CTYBB Clear Case 2-Pack

Now, this is a good deal! The least expensive of any other clear case we've seen, this is a good cheap clear case for anyone on a tight budget. It's not going to provide military-grade protection or anything, but this case will keep the iPhone safe from everyday bumps and scratches.

$5 at Amazon
Otterbox Symmetry Clear Series

Protection plus: OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series

For the most robust clear case around, only an OtterBox will do. While the OtterBox Symmetry is not too thick or bulky, it will make your iPhone virtually indestructible. This is the choice for serial iPhone breakers.

Totallee Clear Case

Thinnest of the thin: totallee Clear Case

totallee offers a line of super-thin cases that will make your iPhone look and feel like it's almost naked. This is a great choice for minimalists who would prefer no case at all.

Torras Moonclimber

Take a stand: TORRAS MoonClimber

TORRAS makes a unique kickstand that offers a bonus - a built-in kickstand! The metal kickstand folds out to prop up your phone in any position. It is discreet and subtle by design.

$24 at Amazon
Esr Air Armor Case

Industrial look: ESR Air Armor

The ESR Air Armor provides excellent drop protection at a surprisingly affordable price. The geometric shape and lines give the case a subtle industrial quality.

$10 at Amazon
Speck Products Gemshell Glitter

Oh so sparkly: Speck Gemshell Glitter

Here's a clear case with a little something special - sparkles! The Speck Gemshell Glitter Case incorporates lots of glittery sparkles to add a fun touch to the transparent case.

$25 at Amazon
Torras Diamond Clear Case

Super shiny: TORRAS Diamond Clear Case

If you love shiny things, then the TORRAS Diamond is the case for you. The ultra-reflective surface catches the light and gives the phone a mirror-like surface. It's clear, shiny, and slim.

$16 at Amazon

Natural beauty

Enjoy the natural beauty of your smartphone with any of the best iPhone 12 Pro clear cases above. We prefer the Apple Clear Case because it incorporates MagSafe technology for fast wireless charging and compatibility with a range of cool accessories. This one also offers good protection that could last for years.

Shoppers on a budget may enjoy a good package deal with the CTYBB Clear Case 2-Pack, where you get two clear cases for one super low price. Of course, this is not the most protective choice, so look into the ESR Air Armor for another affordable option that also offers more robust protection. Whatever your style, we're sure one of these clear cases will be the perfect pick for your iPhone 12.

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