Best iPhone 12 Pro Leather Cases iMore 2022

There's something about the sumptuous feel of leather that takes any object from drab to debonair. That's one reason why an iPhone 12 Pro case crafted from fine leather is always a sophisticated choice. The material is also surprisingly protective and durable over time. If this sounds like something you'd like to get your hands on, these are the best iPhone 12 Pro leather cases.

Iphone 12 12 Pro Leather Case With Magsafe

Straight from the mother ship: Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

Staff Pick

We love the cases Apple is making for the iPhone 12 Pro because they all incorporate the MagSafe feature that makes the 12 model so cool. This ensures that the case works perfectly with all MagSafe accessories, like the MagSafe charger and the detachable Leather Wallet with MagSafe.

Esr Premium Real Leather Compatible With Iphone 12 Case

Real leather at a pleather price: ESR Premium Real Leather Case

ESR's slick leather case for iPhone comes in at such an attractive price, you might wonder about the materials. Wonder of wonders, ESR does use genuine, quality leather to craft this smart black case. It's also thin, lightweight, and protective.

$26 at Amazon
Bellory Leather Case

The sustainable choice: Bellroy Leather Phone Case

Aside from the fact that Bellroy pays careful attention to quality and customer service, they also use sustainable sources and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. Bellroy's leather cases are beautifully crafted and you can feel good about owning one.

Salawat Iphone 12 Pro Case

Best value: Salawat PU Leather Case

Leather cases are some of the most expensive, but that is not always the case (see what I did there?). This case from Salawat is made from attractive PU leather that's available in three understated colors. Soft TPU bumpers provide excellent drop protection while the outer leather shell gives it a refined appearance.

$12 at Amazon
Nomad Rugged Case Iphone 12 Pro

The real deal: Nomad Rugged Case

Nomad crafts their cases from fine Horween leather that develops its own unique patina over time. The longer you have it, the more the case becomes your own. It's like your Dad's old leather briefcase that he'll never throw away because it's just that awesome.

Otterbox Strada Series Case For Iphone

That wallet feel: OtterBox Strada Series Case

Not only is the Otterbox Strada case the toughest, most protective specimen on this list, it also doubles as a handy wallet. The folio design provides plenty of room for multiple cards and cash so you won't even need to carry a separate wallet. Despite its more substantial design, this case lays perfectly flat and supports wireless charging.

Lopie Slim Card Case Iphone

Just a card or two: Lopie Slim Card Case

If you prefer not to carry a full folio case but like the idea of slipping a card or ID into your iPhone case, this hybrid case from Lopie will do the trick. It's made with PU leather and cotton fabric for a unique look that promises to keep a few cards safe as well as your iPhone 12 Pro.

$22 at Amazon

Luxury pick: The Phone Case by Maison de Sabré

MAISON de SABRÉ specializes in fine, personalized leather goods like wallets and bags. Their iPhone case features beautifully pebbled leather that provides the perfect backdrop for your initials, your name, or even your zodiac sign. This case will give your iPhone 12 Pro a distinctive, luxurious look.

$79 at Maison de Sabré

Leather up

Keep in mind that due to the adaptive nature of authentic leather, it can be affected by MagSafe charging. It may develop a slight coloration or indentation where the magnetic charger attaches. I personally don't think it's a big deal, but it's good to keep in mind. My own favorite leather case, the Apple Leather Case, shows a photo on the product page of exactly how the leather may change over time with MagSafe charging.

With that being said, there are plenty of beautiful options on this list to suit different budgets and tastes. The OtterBox Strada Series Case is great if you'd like an iPhone case that doubles as a wallet, while the Salawat case is the most budget-friendly choice. No matter which one you pick, one of these leather jackets is going to look good on that iPhone 12 Pro.

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