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If nothing but the biggest and best will do, you'll buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max with its huge 6.7-inch screen and more advanced camera than the smaller Pro model. Keep this beauty looking sharp with both a screen protector and one of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases.

Apple Silicone Case With Magsafe Iphone 12 Pro Max Render Cropped

Apple's own: Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

Staff Pick

The Apple option is always a good one. We like the silicone case for its appealing colors, perfect fit, and MagSafe compatibility. It's a slim case with a soft microfiber interior for extra protection.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Iphone 12 Pro Max Case Render Cropped

Quality and price: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

With a hard polycarbonate back and soft TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) bumper, you can show off your iPhone 12 Pro Max while protecting it. Spigen offers quality products at reasonable prices. Choose from several color options.

From $12 at Amazon
Iphone 12 Pro Max Case Otterbox Otter Pop Symmetry Series Render Cropped

PopSocket collab: iPhone 12 Pro Max Otter + Pop Symmetry Series

OtterBox and PopSocket had a baby, and this case is it. The handy PopSocket PopGrip is built right into the OtterBox case, so it folds out of the way when not in use. Mix and match to create your own look; you can get several PopSockets and twist to swap them out.

$68 at OtterBox
Velvet Caviar Iphone 12 Pro Max Case Render Cropped

Fashionable: Velvet Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Up the fashion factor with a Velvet Caviar. Despite its whimsical looks, this is a ruggedly protective case. It comes in many, many colorful and shimmery choices. You can buy a matching ring grip for selfies, too.

From $20 at Amazon
Totallee Thin Iphone 12 Pro Max Case Render Cropped

Extremely thin: totallee Thin iPhone 12 Pro Max Case - various colors

This is the case for the absolute minimalist. If you don't really want to spoil the iPhone's clean lines or add any bulk, but you want just a touch of protection, the totallee case is for you. You also get a few color options here.

Cyrill Iphone 12 Pro Max Case Render Cropped

Pick a bouquet: CYRILL iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

The well-priced CYRILL case features a hard back and flexible TPU bumper for slim protection. Choose from a variety of pretty bouquets to match your iPhone 12 Pro Max or your favorite outfit.

$19 at Amazon
Nomad Rugged Folio Iphone 12 Pro Max Render Cropped

Luxury folio style: NOMAD Rugged Leather Folio - MagSafe

This luxurious MagSafe-compatible Horween leather wallet case will develop a rich patina over time. The folio holds up to three cards plus cash, so you don't need to carry a separate wallet. Choose between Black or Rustic Brown.

Incipio Grip Iphone 12 Pro Max Render Cropped

Extra grip: Incipio Grip for iPhone 12 Pro Max

The edges of this case have treads almost like a tire, so you'll have an easier time hanging onto your extra-large iPhone. Choose the clear case shown here or a handful of other colors.

Mous Limitless 3 Iphone 12 Pro Max Case Render Cropped

Natural beauty: Mous Limitless 3.0 iPhone 12 Pro Max Case - various styles

Mous makes gorgeous, elegant cases that protect well while maintaining a slimmer profile. The cases owe their good looks to various genuine materials used for the back panel, such as wood, leather, and more. These cases are guaranteed to work with MagSafe.

Case Mate Twinkle Iphone 12 Pro Max Case Render Cropped

Bling bling: Case-Mate Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Get 10-foot drop protection with this protective but fun case. It's clear enough to see your iPhone's color through it, but it's filled with metallic glitter confetti (securely sealed inside so it won't shed). It's a party every time you look at it.

From $22 at Amazon
Speck Presidio 2 Grip 12 Pro Max Case Render Cropped

Super grip: Speck Presidio2 Perfect Grip iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

The extremely durable case offers up to 13 feet (!) of drop protection. The no-slip grips provide both visual interest and plenty of grip, so your iPhone is less likely to slip out of your hands in the first place.

Smartish Iphone 12 Pro Max Crossbody Case Render Cropped

Dance, dance, dance: Smartish iPhone 12 Pro Max Crossbody Case

It's not easy to find a small crossbody purse that's roomy enough to hold an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Luckily, this wallet case becomes a crossbody bag when you attach the strap. The wallet flap holds up to five cards plus cash, and the strap holds two lippies.

$30 at Amazon
Casetify Iphone 12 Pro Max Case Render Cropped

Fun protection: CASETiFY Ultra Impact Case

Don't let CASETiFY's whimsical good looks fool you. This is a protective case with reinforced corners. Customize your iPhone with one of the hundreds of available patterns, or design your own!

From $64 at CASETiFY
Caseology Parallax Iphone 12 Pro Max Case Render Cropped

Textured: Caseology Parallax for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

This colorful, textured case adds visual interest to your iPhone 12 Pro Max. The texture also adds grip while maintaining wireless functionality. Choose from a few color options.

From $9 at Amazon
Otterbox Figura Series Case

Slim and protective: OtterBox Figura Series Case with MagSafe

This smooth but grippy case stands out with its painterly looks. While you get that famed OtterBox protection, this case is quite thin and won't add a lot of bulk to your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Choose from four gorgeous colorways.

Twelve South Bookbook Iphone 12 Case Render Cropped

Skeumorphic: Twelve South Bookbook case

Your iPhone 12 Pro Max will stand out from the crowd in this classic-looking case. The folio-style wallet case resembles a leather-bound book embossed with gold lettering. Choose Brown or Black.

$70 at Twelve South
Urban Armor Gear Uag Iphone 12 Pro Max Case Render Cropped

Super tough: Urban Armor Gear Pathfinder

This ultra-rugged case looks as protective as it is, yet it's not too heavy or bulky. Its hard armor shell and soft impact-resistant core give it that protection without the weight. Choose from several colors and styles.

$50 at Amazon
Waterfield Ranger Iphone Case Render Cropped

Pouch: Waterfield Ranger iPhone Case

Not a case in the usual sense; this pouch can be worn on your belt and holds a "naked" iPhone or perhaps one in a very thin case. Keep your iPhone 12 Pro Max and other small accessories close at hand.

$89 at Waterfield

Which iPhone 12 Pro Max case should you choose?

Any of the cases on this list would be a good choice; it just depends on which features and looks you like. You certainly can't go wrong with Apple's own MagSafe Case. Apple engineers cases that perfectly complement the iPhone. That Apple logo on the back is a nice touch.

If you want something a little different, we love the Mous Limitless line of cases. Specially designed to be ultra-protective while maintaining slim lines and classy, good looks, the case will elevate your iPhone 12 Pro Max style.

If you're looking for more cases that are specifically made for the MagSafe charger and accessories, be sure to check out our best MagSafe cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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