Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases for Runners iMore 2022

There is a myriad of ways to run with an iPhone, so you'll want to find one of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases for runners that suits your running style. Whether you prefer to carry your iPhone in your hand, on a belt, or in a vest, there are a lot of cases and contraptions that will allow you to run with an iPhone comfortably, so you never miss a call or your favorite running tune. These are the best options available right now.

Ghostek Iron Armor

The case that does it all: Ghostek Iron Armor Belt Clip Case

Staff Pick

Unlike most running belts and armbands, you can use the Ghostek Iron Armor case for a lot more than just exercise. This heavy-duty protective case can accompany you on all your adventures, staying in place using the detachable holster with a secure belt clip. It also includes a discreet slot for storing a credit card or ID.

$25 at Amazon
Reveresport Running Armband

Best value: RevereSport Running Armband

The RevereSport Armband is a good affordable solution that will keep your iPhone strapped safely to your arm during a long run. The clear window lets your iPhone screen show through, and you can continue to use the touchscreen while it's inside.

$17 at Amazon
Running Buddy Magnetic Buddy Pouch

Discreet solution: Running Buddy Magnetic Pouch

Keep your iPhone, cash, and keys hidden away while you run using the handy Running Buddy Pouch. This small pouch will clip over your waistband to hold belongings during a run. If you would prefer for your valuables to remain hidden, simply secure them into the inside of your waistband for a more discreet solution. Choose the XXL size for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Otterbox Defender Series

Extra protection: OtterBox Defender Series

For extra drop protection and rugged reliability, you can't beat OtterBox. The Defender Series comes with a detachable holster and belt clip that you can use to attach the iPhone to a belt, vest, strap, or waistband. Simply remove the holster when you don't need it for a slimmer, more versatile case.

E Tronic Sports Armband

Flippin' cool: E-Tronic Edge Sports Armband

Like the idea of an armband case but not the awkward feel of using the iPhone when it's attached to your arm? This E-Tornic Edge case solves that problem by allowing the iPhone to flip around into a more convenient angle while it's still in the case. Search for a song or make a call without ever taking off the armband.

$17 at Amazon
Lifeproof Lifeactiv Armband

Convenience plus: LifeProof Lifeactiv Armband

The LifeProof Armband is not a case, per se, but it can transform almost any case into a running case using an adhesive mount. Simply attach the adhesive mount to your iPhone case and lock it into the Lifeactiv armband whenever you're ready for a run. This makes it super simple to attach and detach your iPhone from your arm at a moment's notice.

$32 at Amazon
Bone Lanyard Phone Tie

iPhone on hand: Bone Lanyard Phone Tie

Some people prefer to keep their iPhone in-hand and accessible during a run, but this can lead to many accidents and dented corners. Keep your iPhone in-hand if you must, but attach it to a Bone Lanyard that fits around your wrist like a bracelet. This is like insurance against drops, dents, and broken screens.

$20 at Amazon
Tikaton Running Vest

Aerodynamic balance: Tikaton Running Vest

Serious long-distance runners know that balance is important to an easy, aerodynamic gait. Strapping a phone to one side or the other can throw off your balance, throw off your pace, and increase your chances of falling. If you're committed to getting some real miles under your sneakers, a running vest with a built-in iPhone holder will be just the thing. The iPhone pouch falls forward to allow you easy access to the touchscreen without taking out the device.

$30 at Amazon

Have iPhone will run

Despite the considerable size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, all of these options will make a great fit to help your running game. The best iPhone 12 Max cases for runners provide easy access to the touchscreen while keeping the phone securely in place on long bumpy runs. Our favorite is the Ghostek Iron Armor case that comes with a nifty removable holster clip to keep the iPhone secured to any belt, vest, or strap. This one also houses a credit card or ID so that you can leave the wallet at home.

For serious long-distance runners, however, the Tikaton Running Vest provides the best aerodynamic balance that won't throw off your pace. It also has small pockets to hold cash, keys, and IDs. No matter what you're running style may be, one of the cases or gadgets on this list will keep your iPhone safe while you run.

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