Best iPhone 12 Pro Max clear cases iMore 2022

If you have the flagship iPhone of 2020, why cover up all that high-tech glory? Let the iPhone 12 Pro Max shine with a clear case that provides protection without distracting from the device's lovely design. Here we've compiled the best iPhone 12 Pro Max clear cases to suit Apple's biggest iPhone.

Speck Products Presidio Perfect Clear Glitter

A touch of sparkle: Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear

Staff Pick

The Speck Presidio has it all β€” a perfectly clear shell, 13-foot drop protection, a minimal form factor, and glitter! This is an excellent all-around case that looks simple but packs in reliable protection. The glitter just gives it a little something extra.

Totallee Clear Iphone 12 Pro Max Case

Thinnest clear case: totallee Clear iPhone 12 Pro Max Case - Thin Cover Ultra Slim Minimal

For those who'd really just prefer a naked iPhone, totallee offers the next best thing. This barely-there clear case is less than a millimeter thick! It provides a slim layer of protection against minor bumps and scratches without adding any bulk or weight to your handset.

Esr Metal Kickstand Case

Best for hands-free viewing: ESR Metal Kickstand Case

For those who love to use their iPhone to watch videos or FaceTime hands-free, a kickstand is a definite bonus. The Metal Kickstand Case from ESR includes a minimal metal kickstand that allows you to prop the phone in both horizontal and vertical applications.

$20 at Amazon
Spigen Liquid Crystal

Best value: Spigen Liquid Crystal

You don't have to drop a lot of cash to purchase a quality clear case. The Spigen Liquid Crystal Case is a flexible TPU case that provides some protection without taking away from your iPhone's sleek appearance. It's simple, easy to install, and very affordable.

Speck Products Gemshell Grip

Butterfingers approved: Speck GemShell Grip

If you have a tendency to drop your iPhone, the Speck Gemshell Grip may be the case for you. The clear case is built with a grippy, ridged texture to keep the phone from slipping out of your hand. It also has an antimicrobial coating to resist the growth of bacteria and other harmful microbes on its surface.

$8 at Amazon
Torras Diamonds Series

Let it shine: TORRAS Diamonds Series

For those who love all things shiny, the TORRAS Diamonds Series has a super shiny reflective surface. It's also crystal clear and provides good everyday protection.

$20 at Amazon
Otterbox Symmetry Clear Series

The best clear protection: OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series

You don't have to sacrifice protection to rock a clear case. OtterBox provides reliable heavy-duty protection for every surface of your iPhone, even for hard drops and falls. This is a great clear case for anyone who is rough on their iPhones.

Esr Air Armor Series

Best budget protection: ESR Air Armor Series Case

If you need rugged protection but you don't want to shell out for an OtterBox, the ESR Air Armor also offers excellent drop protection at a much lower price. This military-grade protective case is totally clear and features an industrial, geometric design.

$14 at Amazon

That near-naked look

Let your iPhone shine with a near-naked look in any of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max clear cases on this list. We prefer the Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Case because it offers a combination of sleek design and reliable protection. Plus, it sparkles with subtle glitter embedded in its surface.

If you're going for a simple clear case that won't break the bank, the Spigen Liquid Crystal is a great affordable option. This one provides basic protection for minor bumps and scratches and it's super easy to install. No matter which clear case you choose, your iPhone will look its best without an opaque case to cover its beauty.

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