Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Photography Cases iMore 2021

The iPhone 12 Pro Max brings the most advanced smartphone camera known to man, so why not ditch the old point-and-click and replace it with a well-accessorized iPhone? There are several iPhone cases and accessories that can improve or streamline your iPhone photography and videography. These are the best iPhone 12 Pro Max photography cases to take your image creation to the next level.

Moment Case

Old reliable: Moment Thin Case With MagSafe

Staff Pick

Moment has long been the go-to manufacturer of external iPhone camera lenses and accessories. Their cases are made to work seamlessly with a wide variety of camera lenses and mounts to increase the capabilities of your iPhone's camera. This case also works with MagSafe and all MagSafe accessories.


Upgrade pick: SANDMARC Telephoto Lens Edition

The SANDMARC line is made up of cases, lenses, and other camera accessories that will help you to create professional-level photography. These are high-end products crafted out of high-quality materials, and the prices reflect that.

$100 at SANDMARC
Sealife Sportdiver Phone Case

Best for deep diving: SeaLife SportDiver Phone Case

For serious underwater photographers and videographers, the SeaLife SportDiver transforms your iPhone Pro Max into a deepwater camera. Use it to create beautiful content from depths of up to 130 feet without worrying about damage to the iPhone.

Smallrig Smartphone Video Rig

Vlogger's BFF: SmallRig Smartphone Video Rig

SmallRig produces tons of innovative accessories that make it easier to film with the iPhone. This small video rig holds the iPhone in place for filming and allows you to attach lights, microphones, and mounts as needed. In one fell swoop, your iPhone can become a mini production studio.

Mophie Juice Pack Connect

Don't forget the juice: mophie Juice Pack Connect

If you're using your iPhone camera for hours on end, you'll notice that the battery drains surprisingly fast. The mophie Juice Pack Connect is not a case per se, but it does slap onto the back of your phone case to charge it up wirelessly. When it's done, just take it off and put it away. Easy!

Litechaser Camera Case

All the filters: LiteChaser Pro Filter System

Filters aren't just for Instagram! The idea of digital photo filters came from physical photo filters like these from PolarPro. The LiteChaser Pro is a case that works with various filters that add depth and dimension to your iPhone photography.

$150 at PolarPro


If you thought there was no improving the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera, think again! The best iPhone 12 Pro Max photography cases can add creativity and professional quality to your iPhone photography. We love the Moment line of cases and lenses since they can be used in so many different combinations to improve your shots.

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If underwater photography is your game, however, then you'll love the SeaLife SportDiver. This case will allow you to dive with your iPhone up to 130 feet to capture underwater imagery. Look through the options and choose the case that best suits your photography style.

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