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The Apple iPhone is an icon of beautiful tech design; it seems a shame to cover it up with a case. For those who prefer a naked iPhone but need at least a minimal layer of protection, a thin case is the way to go. You can protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max from bumps and scratches without confining it in a big, bulky case. These are the best iPhone 12 Pro Max thin cases that provide a bit of protection without taking away from that slim, sleek profile you love.

Casekoo Slim Fit Case

Pacific Blue true: CASEKOO Slim Fit Case

Staff Pick

If you chose the newest Pacific Blue color for your iPhone 12 Max Pro, you probably want to show off that cool nautical shade. The CASEKOO slim fit is an exact match for the Pacific Blue shade, and it's only 0.03" thick so you'll barely know it's there. The smooth, matte finish is smudge-proof, and the case incorporates a raised bezel around the camera and screen for protection.

$22 at Amazon
Spigen Thin Fit Case

Function + fit: Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen is known for its quality and functionality at a good price, and this case is no exception. The thin case fits like a glove and includes protective button covers that are almost indistinguishable from the iPhone's own. It's lightweight, pocket-friendly, and easy to install or remove quickly.

Torras Diamonds Series Case

Shiny and strong: TORRAS Diamonds Series

For the shiniest, most protective thin case around, check out the TORRAS Diamonds Series. This clear case is thin but it does have reinforced corners and bezelled edges for extra protection. It's also crystal clear and ultra-shiny just like its namesake.

$20 at Amazon
Peel Ultra Thin Iphone 12 Pro Max Case

The thinnest of the thin: PEEL Ultra Thin

Now, THIS is a thin case. At a thickness of 0.01", it's basically paper. It literally does not get thinner than this. Honestly, we don't even see how it's possible for a case to be this thin and still do its job, but PEEL has been doing it for years. Despite its super slim profile, this case is built with the subtlest of raised bezels to protect the camera and screen from scratches and dents.

$29 at Amazon
Iphone 12 Pro Max Silicone Case

The original: Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

While the Apple Silicone Case is not the thinnest around, it is not thick or bulky. The lightweight silicone is soft yet protective with a smooth, grippy texture that you'll love the feel of. The best part? It is built with MagSafe technology so it works perfectly with all Apple MagSafe accessories.

Totallee Thin Iphone 12 Pro Max Case

Sophisticated look: totallee Thin Case

Another ultra-thin case, the totallee Thin Case clocks in at only 0.02". This one has a unique frosted look that's just a tad translucent. The result is a smart, sophisticated cover that is simple, yet attractive. It comes in five color options.

$39 at Amazon
Moment Slim Case

Best for photographers: Moment Thin Case

At first glance, this looks like any other thin case, but Moment has more to offer. The case is compatible with Moment's large line of specialized lenses and photography accessories that can turn your iPhone 12 Pro Max into a professional camera. What's more, the case is 100% biodegradable! Who could ask for more?

$40 at Moment
Otterbox Figura Series Case

Best design: OtterBox Figura Series with MagSafe

Artsy types will love this new line from Otterbox. While Otterbox is usually known for big, heavy-duty protective cases, this is a thin, beautifully designed case that still offers decent protection. It's made of a supple, flexible material that absorbs impacts and feels good in your hands. It comes in four different painterly patterns.

$50 at Apple

Thin is in

If you're ready to dress your iPhone 12 Pro Max in some sleek, minimal protection, these iPhone 12 Pro Max thin cases are just what you need. We recommend the CASEKOO Slim Fit Case for anyone who has a Pacific Blue iPhone since it's the only one that offers a case in this exact shade. It's a thin, matte case with raised bezels to protect the most vulnerable areas of your smartphone.

If you like to do some serious photography with your iPhone, check out the Moment line of cases. Their thin case appears simple but it will work with all of Moment's photography lenses and accessories. Go through the different types of cases and find the one that best suits you and your iPhone.

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