Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Ultra-Thin Cases iMore 2022

If you've gotten your hands on the biggest, heaviest iPhone ever — the iPhone 12 Pro Max — then you probably don't want to weigh it down more with a bulky, rugged case. For everyday protection, a slim case with a sleek profile will suffice to keep your phone safe and protected from most bumps and scratches. We've compiled this list of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max ultra-thin cases for your shopping pleasure.

Casekoo Slim Fit Case

Matchy matchy: CASEKOO Slim Fit

Staff Pick

CASEKOO is always a crowd-pleaser because of its high-quality cases at reasonable price points. As the owner of a Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max, this is my favorite because it's one of the only brands to offer a slim case in a Pacific Blue shade to match my iPhone. It also offers Graphite and Silver colorways that complement the other colors offered in this iPhone form factor.

$21 at Amazon
Peel Ultra Thin Case

Thinnest of the thin: PEEL Ultra Thin Case

You won't find any case anywhere that's slimmer than the PEEL case. At 0.01 inches thick, it's basically as thin as a sheet of paper. Although it's not all that protective, it'll shield the iPhone from very minor bumps and scratches.

$29 at Amazon
Totallee Thin Iphone 12 Pro Max Case

A cool frosty look: totallee Thin Case

Almost as thin as the PEEL case, the totallee case clocks in at 0.02 inches thick. This one has a frosted exterior that improves grip and lends a sophisticated look to your iPhone.

$39 at Amazon
Kodak X Case Mate

Fun prints: Case-Mate Barely There

Although it's barely there, as the name suggests, this ultra-thin, ultra-light case from Case-Mate offers a variety of fun and colorful prints to make your iPhone more unique. My favorite prints are the vintage Kodak styles.

Torras Shockproof Case

Thin yet protective: TORRAS Guardian Series

This slim case from TORRAS is the only case on this list that offers military-grade drop protection. It's not quite as ultra-thin as some other cases, but it does have a very slim profile. The raised lip around the camera and screen promise drop protection up to six feet.

$24 at Amazon
Torras Diamonds Series

Bright like a diamond: TORRAS Diamonds Series

If you're attracted to bright and shiny objects, the Diamonds Series from TORRAS will be just the thing. It's thin, trim, and super shiny. The clear case is built with reinforced corners to protect against dents.

$20 at Amazon
Spigen Thin Fit

Best value: Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen is well-known for producing good quality cases at affordable prices. The Spigen Thin Fit is a slim case with a pleasant, smooth surface and clicky, responsive built-in button covers.

Esr Metro Series

Ultra-thin leather: ESR Metro Series

Most leather cases do not offer a slim profile, but ESR's Metro Series offers a soft, high-quality leather exterior and microfiber interior that's somehow packed into a 0.03 inch thick case. This is a classy case that will develop a natural patina over time.

$26 at Amazon

Staying slim with these iPhone 12 Pro Max cases

Keep your iPhone slim and trim with any of these iPhone 12 Pro Max ultra-thin cases. My favorite is the CASEKOO Slim Fit because it offers a sleek, slim case that matches the Pacific Blue color of my iPhone perfectly. This case is also offered in Silver and Graphite for a nice match in any colorway of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

If you need a more protective case but don't want to add bulk, the TORRAS Guardian Series offers military-grade drop protection in an ultra-thin profile. This one also has a protective lip around the camera and screen so your iPhone will remain safe and sound no matter where you go. Take a look at the many different options on this list and choose the one that feels right for you.

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