Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Waterproof Cases iMore 2022

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is one heck of an investment, so you'll want to protect it from any possible harm. The phone's water resistance can be compromised if it has any dents or scratches, and you may not even realize that it has received water damage until the warranty is already caput. If you plan to enjoy any boating, swimming, or watersports with your iPhone 12 Pro Max, it would be wise to invest in a waterproof case. These are the best iPhone 12 Pro Max waterproof cases to keep your iPhone dry and safe.

Sportlink Iphone 12 Pro Max Waterproof Case

Bang for buck: SPORTLINK iPhone 12 Pro Max Waterproof Case

Staff Pick

When it comes to getting value for the price, you can't beat this waterproof case from Sportlink. The case will completely seal off your iPhone 12 Pro Max to protect it from water, dust, and drops. It also comes with a handy lanyard so the phone won't slip out of your hand in the water. All this comes at a surprisingly low cost!

$20 at Amazon
Ghostek Iphone 12 Pro Max   Waterproof Case

Cool design: Ghostek Waterproof Case

If you don't mind paying a little more, the Ghostek Waterproof Case has a very cool design with tough angular edges and a semi-transparent back. This one also provides foolproof submersion protection up to 20 feet for one hour. It also incorporates an extra layer of protection for the camera and LiDAR sensor.

Joto Dry Pouch

Simple solution: JOTO Floating Waterproof Pouch

If you don't have the budget to shell out for a fancy waterproof case, this dry pouch from JOTO provides a watertight seal that you can throw your phone into for dives up to 100 feet deep. It also floats, so you don't have to worry about the iPhone sinking to the bottom if you drop it.

$15 at Amazon
Temdan Iphone 12 Pro Max Case

Keep out the elements: Temdan Waterproof Case

Here's a waterproof case that keeps out dust and snow as well as water, so you can take it just about anywhere. With this case, you won't have to worry about dirt and sand creeping into all those ports and crevices. For a day at the beach or a run down the slopes, you can trust Temdan to keep your iPhone 12 Pro Max safe.

$23 at Amazon
Willbox Waterproof Protective Case

Best for divers: Willbox Diving Waterproof Case

For dives up to 50 feet deep, the Willbox will transform your iPhone into an underwater camera. This tough housing snaps closed over the phone for hefty protection, even for deeper dives. It also incorporates a nifty button feature so you can snap photos in traditional camera fashion.

$36 at Amazon
Pelican Marine Active Series   Case

Military-grade protection: Pelican Marine Active Series Case

Pelican is known for heavy-duty cases and military-grade drop protection. This waterproof case is drop-tested up to 18 feet, so you can trust it to protect your phone anywhere, on land or sea.

Armor X Iphone 12 Pro Max Waterproof Case

Best for the great outdoors: Armor-X WATERPROOF CASE

Outdoor enthusiasts need an ultra-tough case that can weather any situation, from rock climbing to waterskiing. If that sounds like you, then the Armor-X case will be exactly what you need. The built-in carabiner strap holder will ensure that your phone stays secure during any adventure.

$70 at Amazon
Gorilla Case

When thin is in: GorillaCase Waterproof Case

One drawback of carrying a waterproof case is the bulky size, but the GorillaCase is slimmer and sleeker than most other waterproof cases. Another bonus - it floats!

$34 at GorillaCase

Bottom Line

Swimming, diving, or sailing, there's plenty of reasons to find the best iPhone 12 Pro Max waterproof case to keep that big, beautiful smartphone watertight and safe. Our favorite is the Sportlink Waterproof Case because it offers excellent quality for a great low price. This one provides all-around protection along with a handy lanyard to prevent losing it in the water.

For outdoor adventurers, a more robust option may be necessary, like the Armor-X case. Not only is it heavy-duty and everything-proof, this case hooks onto a carabiner for added loss protection. No matter what you may need it for, there's a waterproof case on this list to suit and watery situation.

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