Best iPhone 12 Pro Photography Cases iMore 2022

There's no denying that the iPhone 12 Pro camera is a phenomenal piece of technology. By itself, the triple-lens camera can create beautiful imagery. Still, with a little help, the iPhone 12 Pro can create professional-level photography that's every bit as impressive as your standalone camera. These are the best iPhone 12 Pro photography cases and accessories to help you get the most out of smartphone image creation.

Sandmarc Wide Lens Edition

Top quality: Sandmarc Wide Lens Edition

Staff Pick

Here's a brand that creates professional-level lenses and filters to take your iPhone photography to another level. This set comes with a photography case and an included ultra-wide lens that snaps right over your iPhone 12 Pro lenses. This same case can work with many different Sandmarc lens and filter attachments.

$100 at Sandmarc
Digipower Essentials

Best for Vloggers: Digipower Essentials Video Blogging Kit

Transform your iPhone 12 Pro into a mini film studio with this affordable Video Blogging Kit from DigiPower. It includes a tabletop tripod, a 3.5mm microphone, and an LED light that all fit together to create a complete filming rig using your iPhone's camera.

Moment Camera Case

The OG: Moment Thin Case With MagSafe

The original photography case maker, Moment now has a wide range of photography cases and compatible attachments to enhance iPhone imagery. This thin case comes with a drop-in mount that allows you to connect any Moment lens or filter to your iPhone 12 Pro. It's also fully compatible with MagSafe accessories.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

No case no problem: Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone

This is not a case per se but a clip-on lens kit that will work with almost any iPhone case or even just a naked iPhone 12 Pro. The clip allows you to attach any Xenvo lens over the iPhone camera to create a more versatile shot. This kit comes with a TruView 0.45x wide-angle lens, a Clarus 15x macro lens, a TruGrip lens clip, a GlowClip mini LED light, a quick-release lanyard, and a DuraCase for keeping it all organized.

$45 at Amazon
Litechaser Pro Filter System

Hashtag yes-filter: LITECHASER PRO Filter System

Filters are not just for social media. Before Instagram, photographers started the trend of using actual lens filters to add drama and detail to photos. LiteChaser creates high-quality physical filters that add mood and intensity to photos without any loss of quality. This system comes with a photography case and a set of three different photo filters.

From $150 at PolarPro
Sealife Sportdiver Phone Case

Best for underwater photography: SeaLife SportDiver Phone Case

Although it's not for the small budget, the SeaLife SportDiver Case is an impressive airtight container that transforms your iPhone 12 Pro into a deep-sea camera. With this case housing your iPhone, you can shoot film and photos from up to 130 feet deep.

$299 at Amazon

Bottom Line

While any of these best iPhone 12 Pro photography cases will improve your photo game, our top pick is the Sandmarc Wide Lens Edition to start with. This brand makes professional-quality photography accessories that can immediately improve the imagery you produce. This Sandmarc case will also work with a wide variety of other lenses and filters.

If film and vlogging are your things, on the other hand, you may want to start with a simple video rig like the Digipower Essentials Video Blogging Kit. It comes with everything you need to get started making blog-worthy videos on the iPhone 12 Pro. Look over the options well; your choice will depend on the kind of content you wish to create.

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