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The iPhone 12 Pro is majestic in its appearance and functionality with that incredible triple-lens camera and a gorgeous 6.1-inch display. However, with all that comes a substantial handful of a phone that is somewhat heavier than other phones of a similar size, so you probably don't want to weigh it down with a big, bulky case. No worries; we've rounded the best iPhone 12 Pro thin cases that won't add bulk or weight.

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Simple and trustworthy: Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for iPhone 12 Case

Staff Pick

With Spigen, you know exactly what you're getting - a good, practical case at an attractive price. The Liquid Crystal Case is one of their most popular products because it offers decent protection alongside a very thin, almost invisible appearance. The flexible TPU material is also incredibly easy to snap on and off.

Tech21 Evo Slim

Antimicrobial protection: tech21 Evo Slim Case

The tech21 Evo offers both 8-foot drop protection and built-in antimicrobial properties! The strong outer coating is embedded with ions that prevent bacteria from living and growing on the case's surface. Cool technology and a cool case!

Casekoo Crystal Clear

Added protection: CASEKOO Crystal Clear

If you like the look of a clear case, but you need a little extra protection for the corners, camera, and screen, CASEKOO offers a great hybrid solution. The back is perfectly clear to let your iPhone's beauty shine through, but the edges are reinforced with shockproof bumpers. It also incorporates a protective lip around the camera and screen.

$20 at Amazon
Totallee Thin

Barely there: totallee Thin iPhone 12 Pro Case

Although it's incredibly thin and lightweight, the totallee case still offers some protection against everyday bumps and scratches. It comes in several color options to complement the iPhone 12 Pro colors and features a textured surface to prevent drops.

$39 at Amazon
Esr Clear Glitter Case

Sparkles FTW!: ESR Clear Glitter Case

Here's a clear case with a little something extra. The ESR Glitter Case is slim, trim, and sparkly! This glitter-infused case will stand out from the rest, and unlike some other thin cases, it has a more substantial raised lip to protect the camera and screen.

$13 at Amazon
Torras Diamonds Series

Shine like a diamond: TORRAS Diamonds Series

Another clear case, this one is made with an ultra-shiny, reflective surface that looks and feels quite elegant. Despite its thin and very shiny profile, the case is drop-tested for drops up to 4 feet. TORRAS also promises that this case will not yellow over time.

$18 at Amazon
Pitaka Ultra Slim

Bullet-proof: PITAKA Aramid Fiber Cover

Built with aerospace-quality aramid fiber, the PITAKA case is quite literally bullet-proof. It is tough yet incredibly thin, with a subtle bezel edge to protect the camera and screen. The carbon fiber look and feel is also very cool.

$50 at Amazon
Peel Ultra Thin Case

Thinnest of the thin: PEEL Ultra Thin Case

You won't find a case more minimal than the PEEL. At 0.01-inch thick, this case is as slim as a sheet of paper. This case won't add any bulk or weight at all to the iPhone 12 Pro, although it won't prove very protective either.

$29 at Amazon

Slim trim win

Here you have the best iPhone 12 Pro thin cases on the market, and there is bound to be a perfect fit for your iPhone. We like the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case because it's simple, trustworthy, and the price is right. Even though it's very thin and inexpensive, Spigen offers reliable protection in all of their cases.

If you prefer an ultra-thin case that offers bullet-proof protection, check out the PITAKA case that's constructed with real aramid fiber - the same stuff they make bullet-proof vests out of! With the range of case options on this list, your phone will soon be dressed in its minimal best.

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