Best iPhone 12 Pro thin cases 2022

Best Iphone 12 Pro Max Thin Cases
Best Iphone 12 Pro Max Thin Cases (Image credit: PITAKA)

The iPhone 12 Pro is majestic in its appearance and functionality with that incredible triple-lens camera and a gorgeous 6.1-inch display. However, with all that comes a substantial handful of a phone that is somewhat heavier than other phones of a similar size, so you probably don't want to weigh it down with a big, bulky case. No worries; we've rounded the best iPhone 12 Pro thin cases that won't add bulk or weight.

Slim trim win

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Here you have the best iPhone 12 Pro thin cases on the market, and there is bound to be a perfect fit for your iPhone. We like the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case because it's simple, trustworthy, and the price is right. Even though it's very thin and inexpensive, Spigen offers reliable protection in all of their cases.

If you prefer an ultra-thin case that offers bullet-proof protection, check out the PITAKA case that's constructed with real aramid fiber - the same stuff they make bullet-proof vests out of! With the range of case options on this list, your phone will soon be dressed in its minimal best.

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