Best iPhone 12 Pro Ultra-Thin Cases iMore 2022

Sometimes a plain old thin case for your iPhone 12 Pro just won't do it. If you love that nearly-naked feeling, you're going to need an ultra thin case. Don't worry; we've done the research for you. When minimal protection is all you need, the best iPhone 12 Pro ultra-thin cases on this list will be just the thing.

Aicase Liquid Silicone

Affordable MagSafe: AICase Silicone Case with MagSafe

Staff Pick

While the Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe is a great option, it can't be classified as ultra-thin, and it's pretty expensive to boot. This silky soft silicone case by AICase is the next best thing, plus it's thinner and more affordable. This one is also compatible with MagSafe accessories.

$20 at Amazon
Totallee Thin Case

The original ultra-thin: totallee Thin Case

totallee was one of the first iPhone case manufacturers to start making them this thin. At just 0.5mm, this is still one of the slimmest cases around. It features a frosted grippy surface with just enough transparency to see the Apple logo underneath.

Barenakedultrathincaseforiphone12iphone12maxiphone12proiphone12promax Frost 2000x Copy

Thinnest of the thin: Bare Naked Case

You won't find any case thinner than the Bare Naked Case. At 0.35mm, it's almost as thin as a sheet of paper! This one comes in three translucent colors that hug your iPhone 12 Pro like a glove. It doesn't promise much drop protection, but it will keep the surfaces of your iPhone free of scratches.

$33 at Bare
Peel Case

All the pretty colors: PEEL Super Thin Case

Just as slim as the Bare Naked case, the PEEL case offers ten different color choices including vivid shades of pink and blue. The PEEL has a matte translucent finish and promises some protection against small dings and scratches. This ones does have a subtle raised edge around the camera and screen, so there is some small amount of drop protection here, although probably not much.

$29 at PEEL
Pitaka Magez Case

Slim and protective: PITAKA MagEZ Case

Although this is not the thinnest case on the list, it is still a very slim case and the most protective. The PITAKA is made of aramid fiber - the same stuff they use in bullet-proof vests! It has raised edges around the screen and camera for additional protection, and the woven aramid fiber makes for a very cool design element.

$50 at Amazon
Tozo Thinnest Case

Best value: TOZO Thinnest Case

Here's a super thin case that is also super inexpensive! The TOZO hard case has a matte, fingerprint-resistant surface that is slightly transulescent. It comes in three understated colors.

$8 at Amazon
Casekoo Slim Fit

Light as a feather: CASEKOO Slim Fit

Another slim, matte hard case, the CASEKOO is also feather light, so you won't even notice that it's on your iPhone. It adds no weight or bulk, so the iPhone 12 Pro will feel naked in your hand. This one is also MagSafe charging compatible.

$14 at Amazon
Case Mate   Barely There

Best thin clear case: Case-Mate Barely There

If you're looking for an ultra-thin clear case with a little more protection, the Case-Mate Barely There is an excellent choice. This one offers a bit more drop protection than some other super slim cases. It's also totally clear to let your iPhone's natural beauty shine through.

Thinking thin

There you have it! Plenty of different iPhone 12 Pro ultra-thin cases to provide minimal protection without weighing down your beautiful iPhone. We love the AICase Silicone Case with MagSafe because it's an ultra-thin solution that still works seamlessly with MagSafe accessories. It's also a lot slimmer and more affordable than the original Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe.

If you prefer a thin clear case, check out the Case-Mate Barely There. This one is only 2mm thick but it does offer some drop protection, especially around the screen and camera. There are some even thinner options on this list as well, so you'll certainly find something here to achieve that naked feeling for your iPhone 12 Pro.

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