Best iPhone 12 Pro Wallet Cases iMore 2022

With all the membership cards, credit cards, IDs, and cash you need to keep on hand, your pockets may be feeling heavier every day. If you'd like to condense the load you carry around, a wallet case for your iPhone can be a great solution. These are the best iPhone 12 Pro wallet cases available to lighten up those pockets and bags.

Case Mate   Tough Leather Wallet Folio

Bang for buck: Case-Mate Tough Leather Wallet

Staff Pick

Genuine leather wallet cases with a folio design are generally quite expensive. However, this one by Case-Mate is reasonably priced and offers a quality similar to more expensive brands. The Case-Mate Tough Leather Wallet has enough space for four cards and some cash, and it comes with 10-foot drop protection!

Onetop Wallet Case

PU leather alternative: Onetop Wallet Case

If genuine leather is not a priority, then a PU leather case will also save you some cash. This PU leather case has a folio design with slots for several cards and cash. It also has a snap closure to ensure that the case doesn't fall open.

$19 at Amazon
Otterbox Strada Series

The toughest: OtterBox Strada Series

OtterBox doesn't play around when it comes to iPhone protection, and their wallet case is no exception. The Strada Series passes 3X the standard for military-grade drop protection, and this is true for drops on any surface or angle. Despite its protective qualities, the case looks sophisticated in genuine full-grain leather.

Bellroy Phone Case   3 Card

All the pretty colors: Bellroy 3-Card Phone Case

Another high-quality leather case, the Bellroy is the only one that comes in eight different colors! Multiple cards can be kept in a discreet folding compartment in the back—this one of the thinnest, sleekest cases on the list.

Apple Leather Wallet

MagSafe smarts: Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe

The only wallet on this list that takes advantage of Apple's smart MagSafe technology, the Apple Leather Wallet implements a strong magnet to snap onto the back of the iPhone 12 Pro or any MagSafe iPhone case. This is convenient because you can easily snap it on or off whenever needed.

Incipio Stashback Case

Stealth mode: Incipio Stashback Case

For a wallet case that doesn't look like a wallet case, the Incipio Stashback keeps cards and cash safely stored in a hidden trapdoor in the back panel. This is a great way to keep some backup payment methods hidden away in case of an emergency.

Blackbrook By Burkley

Upgrade pick: BlackBrook by Burkley

If budget is not an issue, you may want to look into a high-end case like the BlackBrook by Burkley. Here you have a full bi-fold wallet folio with 11 card slots and an additional cash pocket. The folio can also be detached from the leather case if you need to keep your iPhone on its own. This fancy wallet case is hand-made in Istanbul from one piece of full-grain genuine leather.

$79 at Amazon
I Blason Cosmo Wallet Case

Best value: i-Blason Cosmo

When budget is an issue, on the other hand, there are inexpensive alternatives to the wallet folio-style case. This simple hard case from i-Blason is a standard slim TPU case with a slot in the back for cards or cash. It won't hold many different items, but this case will do for a hands-free night out on the town.

No wallet, no problem

With the wallet cases on this list, you can give up the old wallet and keep your pockets light and free of extra bulk. Combine your wallet and iPhone case for one solution that can simplify your everyday life. We prefer the Case-Mate Tough Leather Wallet because it offers real leather at an attractive price point. This one also has trustworthy protective qualities.

For a more simple approach, check out the Incipio Stashback with its trapdoor solution to discreetly store credit cards and cash. This one doesn't even look like a wallet case, so it may be more attractive as a hidden backup to hide a credit card or cash in case of an emergency. With all of these choices, you're certain to find one of the best iPhone 12 Pro wallet cases to simplify your lifestyle.

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