Best iPhone 12 Screen Protectors iMore 2022

The iPhone 12 is a fantastic phone, and you'll want to keep it in excellent condition. In addition to protecting your device with one of the best iPhone 12 cases, we highly recommend you get a screen protector. The iPhone 12 might come with a new Ceramic Shield feature to prevent screen damage, but to keep it truly pristine, a screen protector is the way to go. Keep in mind that the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro are exactly the same size, so their cases and screen protectors are interchangeable. Here are some of the best iPhone 12 screen protectors you can buy.

Mkeke Screen Protector iPhone 12

Again and again and again: Mkeke Tempered Glass iPhone 12 screen protector

Staff Favorite

You get three-to-a-pack with Mkeke's screen protector, complete with an easy-to-use frame installation tool to make sure you have perfect alignment between your screen protector and your iPhone. These are some of the best iPhone 12 screen protectors for most people.

$7 at Amazon
Apekx Screen Protector iPhone 12

Scratch-resistant: APEKX iPhone Screen Protector

APEKX's scratch-resistant and shatterproof screen protectors are made from 9H tempered glass. The oleophobic coating resists fingerprints. You get two in the package, and an installation frame is included.

$7 at Amazon
ESR Tempered Glass Screen Protector iPhone 12

Ready for anything: ESR Tempered Glass iPhone 12 Screen Protector

These tempered glass screen protectors come in packs of three, complete with a frame for easy application. They're fully compatible with any case you get, giving your iPhone complete protection all around.

$13 at Amazon
OEAGO Filmhoo Screen Protector Iphone

Great price: OEAGO Filmhoo Tempered Glass iPhone 12 Screen Protector

Another three-pack set, this option from OEAGO Filmhoo keeps your iPhone 12's screen safe from scratches and drops with its affordable tempered glass screen protector that's perfect for the 6.1-inch screen on your iPhone 12.

$4 at Amazon
FLOVEME Screen Protector iPhone 12

Clean and protected: FLOVEME Tempered Glass iPhone 12 Screen Protector

Using a new, upgraded ABS glue, the FLOVEME screen protector will keep your iPhone's screen safe while also preventing bubbles from forming during the application process. It also features an oleophobic coating to resist sticky fingerprints if you have little ones grabbing at your iPhone.

$9 at Amazon
Luckymore Screen Protector Iphone

Lucky save: Luckymore Tempered Glass iPhone 12 screen protector

Comes with the complete screen protector installation kit, including a frame, multiple protectors, wet wipes, dry wipes, and more. This protector is .33mm thick and is ready for any case you can throw at it.

$9 at Amazon
Tech Armor Hd Clear Plastic Film Screen Protector Iphone 12 Render Cropped

Plastic film: Tech Armor HD Clear Plastic Film Screen Protector (NOT Glass) for Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

If you prefer something lighter than glass protecting your screen, consider this thin plastic film screen protector. Japanese PET film and high-grade silicone adhesives combine for excellent viewing clarity and bubble-free installation. You get four in a package.

$7 at Amazon
Lk Privacy Screen Protector Iphone 12 Pro Render Cropped

Privacy, please: LϟK Privacy Screen Protector Compatible for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Much like tinted windows on your car, these tinted screen protectors provide some protection from would-be nosey Nellies. You get two anti-spy, anti-glare screen protectors plus an installation frame in the package.

$9 at Amazon

The best iPhone 12 screen protectors for you

There are some options on this list that only have a cutout for the earpiece on the iPhone 12, and frankly, I want that front-facing TrueDepth camera free and clear of any obstructions, no matter how clear the screen protector. For that reason, I recommend the Mkeke Tempered Glass iPhone 12 screen protector. It protects your iPhone from scratches, it's easy to apply, and it has open space for the iPhone's notch.

If you don't mind having the notch covered by a screen protector, or would even prefer it for that little extra peace of mind, then check out the ESR Tempered Glass iPhone 12 screen protector. Like Mkeke's product, it comes with an application frame, and three included protectors and is completely case-friendly.

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