Best iPhone 12 Ultra-Thin Cases iMore 2021

There's no denying that the naked iPhone 12 is one slick-looking machine. It looks good and feels good in your hand with those solid squared edges and flat sides. Covering up all that beauty with a bulky phone case seems a terrible shame. If you feel the same way, then why not look over this list of the best iPhone 12 ultra-thin cases to see which one works for you?

Pitaka Magez Aramid Fiber Case

Bullet-proof thin: PITAKA MagEZ Aramid Fiber Case

Staff Pick

Ultra-thin, yet somehow bulletproof, the PITAKA MagEZ provides reliable protection for your iPhone 12, despite its svelte one-millimeter frame. The incredibly strong aramid fiber is the same material used for bulletproof vests, so you can count on it for impact protection. The subtle woven pattern is also a pretty cool look.

$50 at Amazon
Totallee Clear Iphone 12 Case

Slimmest clear case: totallee Clear Case

For the slimmest transparent case, the totallee Clear Case really is barely there. The transparent, soft TPU is less than a millimeter thick, so it doesn't add bulk or weight to your iPhone. The raised bezel around the camera and screen provides some protection against minor bumps and scratches.

Caudabe Viel

Thin grip: Caudabe Veil

Not only is the Caudabe Viel ultra-thin, but it also features a micro-etched surface that provides an excellent grippy texture. This case will look like part of your iPhone, and it won't slip out of your hand. A great choice for those of us with butterfingers.

$25 at Caudabe
Peel Ultra Thin

Thinnest of the ultra-thin: PEEL Ultra Thin

Peel is the thinnest case you'll find for the iPhone 12 at less than a half-millimeter thick — basically a sheet of paper. Although it's certainly not the most protective case on this list, it is the most minimal of the bunch. In the PEEL Case, your iPhone will look and feel naked.

$29 at Amazon
Anhong Upgrade Clear Card Case

The minimal wallet: ANHONG Clear Card Case

Most card cases and wallet cases are pretty hefty, but the ANHONG is a different story. The slim clear case incorporates a card slot in the back for you to slip in a credit card or ID. It's a great minimal solution for going out sans wallet.

$13 at Amazon
Casekoo Slim Fit

Color perfect: CASEKOO Slim Fit

For a slim case that perfectly complements the colors of your iPhone 12, check out the CASEKOO Slim Fit. With red, black, white, and blue colorways, these thin cases will blend right into your iPhone 12. The brand also promises that the colors will not fade over time.

$18 at Amazon

Svelte silicone: OTOFLY Slim Slicone

The Apple Silicone Case is great, but it's not all that thin. It's also very expensive. OTOFLY brings a more affordable and much slimmer option in soft, supple silicone. The silky smooth texture feels great to the touch and also provides good shock absorption.

$13 at Amazon
Bare Armour For Iphone 12 Copy

Protection plus: Bare Armour

Here's a super slim case that also provides excellent drop protection. The Bare Armour case has a paper-thin, clear back panel that lets the Apple logo shine through, but thicker, shock-resistant bumpers protect the corners, screen, and camera. It's not the thinnest case here, but it does provide better protection than most other ultra-thin cases.

$38 at Bare Cases

Slim pickings

Don't cover up all that iPhone 12 beauty with a big hefty case! Choose one of the best iPhone 12 ultra-thin cases to maintain that slim profile while keeping your handset safe from scratches and minor drops. We like the PITAKA MagEZ Case because of its tough, yet cool-looking design. This one also has built-in magnets that allow it to work with a range of convenient aramid-fiber accessories.

For the absolute slimmest case, however, you'll want the PEEL Case. Although it may not provide as much protection as some other cases on this list, there's nothing thinner than this. If a naked feel is what you like, we're certain there's a case here for you and your iPhone 12.

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