Best iPhone 12 Waterproof Cases iMore 2022

It's true that the iPhone 12 is the most water-resistant smartphone ever made ... until it isn't. A dent or crack in the outer casing can instantly compromise the iPhone's high IP rating, and the Apple warranty doesn't cover water damage! So if you spend any time around water or hope to take your iPhone 12 snorkeling, the ideal solution is a good waterproof case. For your shopping convenience, we have compiled the best iPhone 12 waterproof cases you can buy.

Ghostek waterproof case iphone 12

Best overall: Ghostek Extreme Waterproof Phone Case

Staff Pick

At an IP68 waterproof rating, the Ghostek Extreme case is swim-proof up to 20 feet deep! This top-quality cover encases the entire iPhone in airtight rubber, thermoplastic, and polycarbonate; making it shockproof and dust-proof as well as waterproof. It even comes with specialized lens protectors to protect the iPhone 12 underwater while maintaining photo quality.

$50 at Ghostek
Spidercase Waterproof Case

Slim and simple: Spidercase Waterproof Case

The SpiderCase is a lot simpler than most, with a straightforward black and transparent case that includes a screen protector and a lens protector for the camera. It's a slim case and claims drop protection as well as dust and snow protection.

$20 at Amazon
Aodh Compatible With Iphone

All the pretty colors: Aodh Waterproof Full-Body Case

If you love a good statement piece, this is the case for you. With seven iridescent shades to choose from, this waterproof case stands out from the rest. The Aodh also boats military-grade drop protection.

$25 at Amazon
Pelican   Marine Active Series   Case

Clear protection: Pelican Marine Active Series Case

While the Pelican Marine Case is not as highly IP rated as some other cases on this list, it has two things going for it. First, it's the only waterproof case that's clear from all angles to let the beauty of the iPhone show through. Also, this one has excellent impact protection for drops of up to 18 feet.

Ruky Iphone 12 Pro Waterproof Case

Best value: Ruky Waterproof Case

For waterproof protection at an affordable price, check out this Ruky case. This one provides 360º protection against both water and impacts. It is fully sealed and IP68 certified.

$19 at Amazon
Armor X Waterproof Case

For outdoorsy types: Armor-X MX-IPH-12 Waterproof Case

This Armor-X case goes beyond mere waterproofing. It provides heavy-duty protection for life's toughest adventures, like mountain biking, rock climbing, or surfing. The Armor-X adapter is built-in, so the case will work with a variety of mounts for different outdoor situations.

$70 at Armor-X

For serious divers: DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 2 PRO

Not for the faint of budget, the DIVEFOLK housing case is a serious case for serious underwater photographers. Make the most out of that iPhone 12 with a specialized underwater housing that will protect the phone for dives up to 262 feet. It includes a detachable wide-angle lens to enhance the already formidable camera.

$239 at Amazon
Joto Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch

Affordable diving: JOTO Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch

For those who want to do some underwater photography with their iPhone but can't afford an elite housing case, the JOTO Dry Bag is always a great solution. With this air-tight pouch, you can dive up to 100 feet and continue to use that amazing iPhone 12 camera.

$16 at Amazon

Swimming with iPhones

Swim with your iPhone 12 without any worries of voiding that warranty. The best iPhone 12 waterproof cases will keep your iPhone safe, even if it has a crack or two on the screen. We prefer the Ghostek Extreme Case for its high-quality materials and its fully sealed, full-body protection. You can swim up to 20 feet deep with this case and fully enjoy the waterproof qualities of your iPhone 12.

For deeper dives, the DIVEVOLK SeaTouch protects your iPhone for deep dives up to an incredible 262 feet. This is an elite case for serious underwater photographers, but it will outperform any other for deep-water protection. The cases on this list provide options to suit a variety of budgets and lifestyles.

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