Best iPhone 6 Cases in 2022

While some people may say that the iPhone 6 is outdated, I would argue that if you have one that's still in good working order, then congrats: you're a responsible iPhone parent!

Keeping your iPhone 6 protected (and stylish) with an up-to-date case that isn't cracked, busted, or stained is important, so I've decided to put together a list of some of the best iPhone 6 cases out there.

To quote Beyonce,

Let me upgraaaaade you.

VIVIBIN Anti-Scratch iPhone 6 Case

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There are three words you can use to describe the super affordable VIVIBIN Anti-Scratch iPhone Case: light, stylish, and durable.

This $8 case is designed to give your iPhone 6 quite a bit of protection with it's full-cover TPU back and sides, while still providing a beautiful, sleek-looking feel to your iPhone.

The VIVIBIN Anti-Scratch iPhone 6 Case gives access to all buttons and has extremely precise cutouts for your headphone jack (haven't heard that term in a while, huh?) and your charging port, so you don't have to take the case on and off to get any business done.

Best part about this case? The super modern and stylish color selection, including options like blue, pink, champagne white, black, and gold marble, intricate floral, palm, and cactus patterns, space patterns, glitter patterns flamingo patterns, and so, so much more.

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AILUN Rugged Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Case

Keep your iPhone 6 secure and in the palm of your hand while still giving it that glammed up little somethin' somethin' with the AILUN Rugged Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Case.

This particular case gives you a lot of protection for its around $7 pricetag, combining solid PC and soft TPU bumper for double the insurance while still keeping your iPhone 6 as slim and compact as it's always been.

The AILUN Rugged Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Case is both slip-proof and is super easy to install and remove, and if anything goes wrong with your case, there's a 12-month warranty that has your back.

Unfortunately the AILUN Rugged Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Case only comes in one color combination, but it's a beautiful black/gold look that'll go with any outfit.

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TORRAS Liquid Silicone Rubber iPhone 6 Case

Want it slim, want it simple, and want it silicone? Then you'll want the TORRAS Liquid Silicone Rubber iPhone 6 Case.

This $15 iPhone 6 case is made from a soft liquid silicone that's incredibly smooth and scratch-resistant, making it ideal for day-to-day wear. The inner material is made from a microfiber cushion, which will protect your iPhone 6 from scratching, dust, and dirt.

The TORRAS Liquid Silicone Rubber iPhone 6 Case allows full access to all buttons and ports, and if you're someone who likes to have a place to see their phone screen while driving, this particular case comes with a built-in metal plate that gives you a magnetic holder while driving.

You can pick up the TORRAS Liquid Silicone Rubber iPhone 6 Case in black, light blue, light pink, red, yellow, ivory, mint, and dark blue colors.

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OtterBox DEFENDER iPhone 6 Case

If you're someone who drops their iPhone a lot and you need a wee bit more extra protection, then take a peek at the classic, super highly rated OtterBox DEFENDER iPhone 6 Case!

This iPhone 6 case is designed with a 3-layer protection system aka a high-impact polycarbonate inner shell, a synthetic-rubber outer slipcover, and a built-in screen protector.

The OtterBox DEFENDER iPhone 6 Case doesn't only protect against bumps and falls, but also scratch protection and dust protection, meaning that port plugs lock out dust, dirt, and grime, so you can keep your iPhone 6 alive for the next September iPhone launch.

If there are any issues with your OtterBox case, you can rest easy because there's a 1-year warranty attached to it. You can pick up this around $18 in black, white, and camo.

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ULAK iPhone 6 Slim Hybrid Case

Soft on the inside, tough (and incredibly fashion-forward!) on the outside: that's what the ULAK iPhone 6 Slim Hybrid Case delivers to your iPhone!

The ULAK iPhone 6 Slim Hybrid Case is an accessory that combines a soft, protective inner TPU design with a hard, outer PC shell. This case also comes with a slightly raised bezel, meaning that if you lay your iPhone 6 down screen-first, it won't get scratched as easily.

This specific iPhone case adds little to no bulk to your iPhone 6, but it does add quite a bit of fashion and flare with it's eye-catching colors and patterns. You can pick out your ULAK iPhone 6 Slim Hybrid Case in color/pattern combos like mint geometric marble, pink marble, minimalist mint stripes + gray, rose gold + minimal stripes, and so, so much more!

Oh, and did we mention this case is super affordable? Depending on the style you're looking for, you'll pay between $8 and $9.

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BENTOBEN iPhone 6 Heavy Duty Shockproof Case

Protect your iPhone 6 from all angles without adding a ton of extra girth to it with the durable BENTOBEN iPhone 6 Heavy Duty Shockproof Case.

This three-layered case ensures that your iPhone 6 will be safe from most bumps and falls, while its four rubber corners provides a shockproof cushion in the event your iPhone takes a tumble.

A raised bezel keeps your iPhone 6's screen protected, while another raised bezel at the back adds a bit of extra security to your iPhone's camera. Along the inside of the case, a soft silicone lining protects and cradles your iPhone.

The BENTOBEN iPhone 6 Heavy Duty Shockproof Case comes in three different colors, including lilac, red/black, and rose gold. The prices range from $8 to $11.

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What are your top choices?

Do you have an iPhone 6 case that's your absolute favorite of all time?

Let me know what your top picks are in the comments down below and I'll be sure to check it out!

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