Best Cases for iPhone 7 Plus

Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus
Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus (Image credit: iMore)

The iPhone 7 Plus deserves an ultra cool case to keep it safe. Whether you are looking for a very protective one, or just something to prevent scratches, there are a number of options available to you.

Apple makes its own line of cases for the iPhone 7 Plus and tons of third-party accessory makers do as well. Hunting down the perfect case can take some time, so here are some of the best options available!

Apple Leather case

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Apple leather case

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple has been making its own leather cases for a few years now, and they are some of the best cases that you can add to your iPhone 7 Plus. The cases fit snugly on your phone, provide a great layer of protection, and look great.

Being real leather, they all wear differently, so your case ends up becoming even more unique over time. They are available in a variety of colors to match your preference, from blue to grey to red.

While being a bit more expensive than other options, Apple's leather case is worth the money if you want a case that will look great and hold up for a long time. Pricing starts at $49.

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MoKo Clear TPU

MoKo iPhone 7 case

If you want to pick up one of Apple's new black colors, you are not going to want to hide it. Unfortunately, the Jet Black is going to be a fingerprint magnet, and it is likely to attract and show hairline scratches quickly. A clear case is a great compromise in this situation so that you can still show off your color choice while keeping it protected.

The case is made from a scratch-resistant material, so it will stay looking great for the long term. It has precision cutouts for the ports, and the TPU material makes it easy to put on or take off and comfortable in the hand.

For under $10, it's a no-brainer to put one of these on your brand new iPhone 7 Plus.

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Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Thin Fit

If clear cases aren't your thing but you still want a thin layer of protection on your iPhone 7 Plus, Spigen's Thin Fit cases are the way to go.

Available in black, satin silver, gold, and rose gold, you can find one that matches your phone and doesn't add any bulk to it. The case clips over the phone and provides protection from scratches and dings to the back and four sides of the phone.

You'll have access to the buttons directly, as the case has cutouts for them instead of requiring you to press through the case to use them. For around $10 at Amazon, this is a great option for those who don't need a super protective case but still want to keep their phone safe.

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Peel iPhone 7 Plus Case

(Image credit: Peel)

If you're looking for a super thin iPhone case that'll have little to no bulk at all, then take a peek at the Super Thin iPhone 7 Plus Case from Peel!

Designed without any crazy designs or visible logos, and measuring around 0.35mm thin with a subtle lip to protect your camera lens, the Peel's Super Thin iPhone 7 Plus Case is perfect for people who really don't like having a case on their iPhone 7 Plus.

I have been through a bunch of cases and Peel has by far been the best. I have dropped my phone a ton and no shattered or scratched screen. (Marc HemeonOakley, YouTube, Google, & HODINKEE designer)

You can pick up your Peel Super Thin iPhone 7 Plus case in black, jet black, black, silver, gold, or rose gold, AKA the perfect color match for your iPhone 7 Plus! $25 at Peel.

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i-Blason Transformer

i-Blason Transformer

If protection is your main concern, i-Blason's Transformer case may be a great addition to your collection.

Made of two layers, the case has an impact-resistant exterior and a shock-absorbing inner sleeve to ensure that your phone stays safe inside of it. In addition, the Transformer case has a built-in kickstand, so you can keep the phone propped up when you're not holding it. The hard case clips into a belt holster so that you don't have to worry about it fitting in your pocket while transporting it.

You can pick up the two-piece case and holster combo for around $15 at Amazon.

OtterBox Symmetry Series

Otterbox Symmetry

If you're in need of a more protective case but don't want something that looks bulky and ugly, OtterBox's Symmetry series is worth checking out.

The cases come in a variety of different colors and prints, and there's even a clear version. If you want to show off your phone while keeping it well protected, the clear version is probably the best choice.

If you'd rather add some flair of your own to your iPhone 7 Plus, you can do that as well with one of the other color choices. The Symmetry series offers a great amount of protection without a ton of bulk. At about $50, OtterBox is expensive, but it's the only case you'll ever need.

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Caseology Apex Series

Caesology makes wonderful cases for iPhone, and the Apex Series has a cool design and great in-hand feel. There's an inner shell of flexible and shock-absorbent TPU and the outer frame is hard polycarbonate to keep everything in place and sturdy-feeling.

I particularly love the color options for this series, with a cool "Aqua Green" option that's like navy blue and turquoise had a baby. There's also burgundy, black, "Ocean Gray", and a "Pine Green". $14 on Amazon.

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Vena Harmony

The Vena Harmony has one of the best in-hand feels I've ever had from a phone case, thanks to its wavy design on the back and its polycarbonate frame that has a grippier finish than most. I also love this case for its half-clear back, allowing you to lovingly gaze at the beauty of your iPhone 7 Plus without compromising protection.]

The button covers on this case may be the most responsive I've ever experiences. Very easy to find and very satisfying in terms of tactile response. You can tell your phone has a case on it, but the buttons feel totally free.

Harmony comes in jet black, space black, navy blue, pink, and teal, and is $10 on Amazon.

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Your favorites?

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Updated November 2017: We've updated pricing and added the Caseology Apex Series and Vena Harmony to the list.

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