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Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases with a Card Holder in 2022

Best iPhone 8 Plus card holder cases
Best iPhone 8 Plus card holder cases (Image credit: Dark Horse Travel)

What's better than a regular, boring old iPhone 8 Plus case? A super practical and functional iPhone 8 Plus case with a convenient cardholder. There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to finding the right wallet case. We were able to narrow down the choices to the best options out there, so here are some great iPhone 8 Plus cases that double as a wallet.

Keep it all together

With so many ways to store and stash your cards and cash, picking an iPhone 8 Plus case can be pretty tricky. We personally love the look and the functionality of the LAMEEKU iPhone 8 Plus Case with Credit Card Slot (opens in new tab), but there are so many designs and looks to choose from.

Another great case would be the LAMMEKU iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case (opens in new tab)with it's crossbody chain attachment because it doubles as a purse and you'll know your phone is securely attached to your body. The Smartish iPhone 8 Plus VAULT Protective Credit Card Cover (opens in new tab) is meant for someone who might need a little more protection as it will protect your phone and your cards. No matter what you choose, we hope you can effortlessly carry your debit and credit and iPhone 8 Plus effortlessly.

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