Best iPhone Charging Cases for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite iMore 2021

The launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is upon us, and it seems poised to become another Pokémon Go-style smash, letting you sling spells, brew potions, and participate in other wizardly activities. But as magical as that is sure to be, it'll also prove draining for your iPhone's battery. To keep the magic going, here are a great selection of battery cases for you to use while playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Apple Smart Battery Case

Official Power: Apple Smart Battery Case

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Apple's official Smart Battery Case will keep your iPhone going throughout your entire day. The silicone case features a soft microfiber lining to keep your phone iPhone safe inside and can be charged wirelessly on a Qi-compatible charger, or through the included Lightning port. This particular model fits the iPhone XR, but Apple also has cases available for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

$129 at Apple

Great value: Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case

This case for the iPhone XS packs in 4000mAh in the battery, so you can get one additional full charge for your iPhone XS before plugging it in. It's a great value, too, and will keep you fighting dark wizards, brewing potions, and more throughout your day.

$29 at Amazon
Lonlif Battery Case

Max protection: Lonlif Battery Case

This 5000mAh battery case is built for the iPhone XS Max, and will greatly extend the life of the already-impressive battery on Apple's largest iPhone. A hard-shell case, Lonlif's case features solid protection to the edges of your iPhone, so you don't need to worry about dropping your device on its sides or corners.

$38 at Amazon
Alpatronix BXXr

Built-in wireless charging: Alpatronix BXXr Battery Case

The Alpatronix BXXr battery case is an excellent alternative to Apple's Smart Battery Case. This iPhone XR case not only features a 5000mAh battery to extend how long your iPhone can go between charges, but when it does come time to charge, the case supports wireless Qi charging. Another hard-shell option, this case offers both enough extra power and excellent protection, including a screen protector.

$40 on Amazon
Yacikos iPhone Case

Bigger battery: Yacikos Battery Case

The Yacikos case for iPhone XS offers a slightly larger battery than many other battery cases, with a 6500mAh battery adding an additional 30 hours of talk time, 60 hours of music listening, and more before your iPhone XS needs to charge. A softer case, sliding your iPhone in and out as you need to is easier than with many other cases in this collection.

$37 on Amazon
FNSON iPhone Case

Just kickin' it: FNSON Portable Charger Case

FNSON's iPhon XS Max battery case features a 5200mAh battery and a hard shell that keeps all of that glass safe from drops, scratches, and daily wear and tear. It also has a kickstand on the top, near the camera cutout, which lets you prop it up, perfect for watching a Harry Potter movie when you're taking a break from Wizards Unite.

$26 on Amazon
Swaller iPhone XR case

Slim power: Swaller Slim Protective Charger Case

The Swaller Slim case for the iPhone XR adds battery power while trying to keep the extra bulk down. Fairly slim for a battery case, the Swaller makes it easier to place your iPhone into the case and take it out, with a soft, bendable portion above the 4200mAh battery facilitating easy placement into he case.

$40 on Amazon
Feob iPhone Case

The power of gold: Feob Charging Case

An iPhone XS charging case, Feob's offering features a 6500mAh battery to keep you casting spells for hours on end, adding almost 60 hours of audio playback, 17 hours of talk time, and another 13 hours of video. It comes in a lovely rose gold color, so keep it away from any Nifflers, lest your shiny iPhone and case get added to their collection.

$25 on Amazon
Swaller iPhone XS Max Case

Maximum slim: Swaller Slim Portable Charging Case

Like Swaller's case for the iPhone XR, this case provides a good deal of additional battery for your iPhone XS Max while remaining as thin as is reasonably possible. The iPhone XS Max is already big, and it's likely you don't want to add a lot of extra bulk. It's got a smaller battery than other cases, but at 4000mAh, it'll still offer a great deal of addition talk, web, audio, and gaming time without a lot of extra heft.

$36 on Amazon

Our suggestions

As someone with experience using this case, the Apple Smart Battery Case, though expensive compared to others, is an excellent choice. It intelligently manages charing and power flow, and its battery will always drain first before your iPhone starts losing power. Between the case and your iPhone, you can get about two full charges before you have to charge both devices, and the case fully supports wireless Qi charging, so you can set it down on a pad with your iPhone still inside and watch as both of them charge.

If you want something that adds as little extra bulk as possible, check out the Swaller Slim Portable Charging Case. It features a 4000mAh battery and is as slim as battery cases get, particularly useful for the already-massive iPhone XS Max.

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