Best iPhone SE Armbands to help you power through workouts

Hiking the trails, biking the streets, or running the track, nothing should keep and your iPhone SE apart. That's what makes armband cases so great. Simply insert your phone, strap the case on, and you're good to walk, run, cycle... even in the rain! Yes, way!

Incase sports armband

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The Incase sports armband is perforated, so it's breathable and won't slip when the sweat starts the drip. The band is also adjustable, so slim arms or massive muscles alike will fit comfortably and snugly. The touch-sensitive screen cover is sweat-proof, so you won't find yourself cleaning your screen when the workout is over.

If you're an early morning or late night runner, the reflective details will give you some extra security and visibility. There's also a single pocket that will hold ID, a credit card, or a single key.

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Tune Belt armband

If you prefer to wear your armband on your forearm instead (or if you have smaller upper arms), Tune Belt's band will work well for you. You can also buy an extender to increase the diameter. The soft neoprene band is incredibly comfortable and sweat-resistant.

The hook and loop feature is a good place to wrap the cord from your earbuds if you want to shorten it, or keep them attached to the armband when you're not using it. It's distracting to have a long cord dragging down your arm, and earbuds are easily misplaced, so this is a handy solution.

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Quad Lock Running Kit

For a little extra money, you can get a unique two-for-one: a case and armband. The Quad Lock Running Kit is a combination of polycarbonate and TPU, so it's designed for protection. The armband is fully adjustable Nylon Lycra, and fits all arm sizes.

The phone case snaps onto the armband with a dual locking system. This is a good alternative if you're not a fan of constantly slipping your phone in and out of plastic pockets. Just snap it on, lock it, and it won't budge, no matter how intense the workout gets. This combination case and band is perfect for those who constantly need access to their phone, but don't want to stop to pull it out of a sleeve or tuck it back in.

To completely weather-proof this system, we recommend also buying the clear Poncho that locks inside the phone case.

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Mediabridge armband

If your workout typically takes place on a treadmill or indoor track, the armband from Mediabridge was designed for you. The adjustable elastic and velcro strap will fit anyone, and won't move when you do.

The silicone rubber skin for the phone adds zero bulk, but just a bit of extra security if your phone gets jostled. There's no screen cover, so you'll always have access to all your apps. It's easy to get your phone in and out, so you can go from gym mode to office ready in no time.

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JOTO sport armband

You're not limited to using an armband for workouts. If you want one that would also carry some cards or cash for a quick walk to the store or bank, the JOTO sport armband is it. The neoprene band is light and comfortable. Tucked securely against your arm are pockets for a key, your ID, credit cards, and cash.

The screen is fully protected, and responds to touch as though there's cover at all. Plug in your earbuds, strap the armband on, and get your steps in while you catch up over the phone.

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3iART floatable waterproof armband

The name says it all. If your workout is unpredictable, 3iART floatable waterproof armband case is exactly what you need. You can wear it with a slim, adjustable armband, or with a lanyard around your neck. Every element is thin, lightweight, and made to take all that Mother Nature will throw at you. Now there's no excuse for skipping a run or bike. It also comes in a variety of vibrant colors, which is both fashionable and helpful for visibility.

Dirt, snow, dust, water...none of it is getting in to damage your phone. Unlike other waterproof cases, you can use the audiojack to take your music with you so the motivational soundtrack never stops. The touchscreen stays functional and sensitive, and the whole thing is submersible to 100 feet. It even arrives with test paper so that you can see for yourself how dry your phone will stay.

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MoKo protective sports armband

MoKo's armband comes in a variety of colors, from basic black to vibrant blue or pink. The large reflective strip is a safety feature that also looks great. A comfortable velcro band holds your phone securely and won't move an inch, whatever the workout may bring.

It's water resistant, sweat-proof, and well-reviewed by fans of the brand. Secure spots for a key and cards or money mean that you can lock up the house, head out for a run, and treat yourself to some ice cream (don't worry, you'll run it off on the way back home).

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Lifeproof LifeActiv armband

Fans of the Lifeproof band will appreciate the compatibility factor built into this armband. If you have other mounts from Lifeproof, the adapter is universal, so you can clip your phone in right away. The mount swivels from landscape to portrait, and holds your phone away from your arm.

The adapter and mount click when your phone is secure, so as soon as you hear the sound, you can get running. A simple twist removes your phone, and the release latch is easy to access. The band itself is fully adjustable to any arm size, and lives up to the name Lifeproof, as it won't show wear and tear, or lose any tension.

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The bottom line

The iPhone SE fits perfectly into each of the armbands we've featured. It's just a matter of deciding which armband is best suited to your workout. For an indoor workout, the armband from Mediabridge is a low-cost, high quality option that users like. If your gym is the unpredictable great outdoors, invest in 3iART's offering and know that your phone will stay safe and dry.

If you've already got an armband, or if we missed your top pick, tell us all about it in the comments!

Christine Lachance