The iPhone X is touted as the best iPhone Apple has ever made, and that's pretty accurate. Some would also argue that leather cases are the best cases for any phone, because leather. The look of it, the smell of it, the texture.

If you love the feel and look of a nice leather case, then check these out for your iPhone X!


Mujjo's genuine leather cases are crafted to perfectly fit the contours of your iPhone X. These cases are slim and are about as simple as it gets: full leather, with raised button covers and precise cutouts for the camera and Lightning ports.

This full-grain leather case has a microfiber interior to keep your iPhone X looking pristine, and if that's not enough, Mujjo backs its cases with a 2-year warranty. You have your choice of black, brown, olive, or tan. Check it out for about $45 on Amazon.

Pad & Quill Bella Fino

Pad & Quill is a purveyor of very fine leather products, from phone cases to wallets to laptop bags and cases, P&Q knows leather. That's why it's Bella Fino iPhone X case is one of the best leather cases around to house your $1000 phone.

The Bella Fino is a slim leather wallet with four pockets for cards and a large cash slot, as well as a bumper case, which holds your iPhone X in the case. The silicone bumper case adheres to the 3M adhesive pad, which is strong and leaves no residue on your phone or the protective case. The Bella Fino is also wireless charging-compatible.

Check it out in chocolate, whiskey, or galloper black for $90.

Apple iPhone X Leather Case

Why not grab your leather case straight from the source? Apple's iPhone X Leather Case is guaranteed to fit the iPhone X and comes in nine colors, so you can personalize yours exactly how you like it.

Apple's leather cases are soft, with a microfiber lining that prevent scratches, and they age beautifully. The whole bottom of your phone is left open for access to the Lightning port and so that your speakers are free to blast audio when you want to. The camera cutout on the back is tight and precise, offering as much protection as possible without compromising function.

If you love Apple products period or if you're just looking for a top-notch leather case, you can't go wrong with the $49 Apple Leather Case.

Amovo 2-in-1

Amovo's 2-in-1 case provides fairly rugged protection for a leather case, thanks to its TPU bumper. What makes it a 2-in-1 is that it's actually a wallet case, but your iPhone X sits in the TPU bumper with a leather back, which then secures magnetically to the wallet piece. It's perfect for folks who hate carrying both their phone and their wallet when they're out, but also hate texting all the time with a wallet cover that makes it awkward to hold their phone.

Amovo's case comes in six colors and has enough space for four to seven cards and cash. And you can use the front cover to make a handy kickstand to watch videos hands-free.

Check it out on Amazon for $25.


FYY's leather wallet case is probably what you'd call a more "traditional" wallet case in that your iPhone X sits in the attached bumper, and boom: wallet case. There's enough space for three to five cards and some cash.

FYY's case has an RFID blocker in it to keep your information safe and it's actually made of real leather — for only $16. I was skeptical, but Amazon reviews say it's true! You have your choice of nine really lovely colors.

X-Level Vintage Series

X-Level's Vintage Series case is very simple and incredibly sophisticated-looking. The inside is soft to prevent scratches and the outer pleather is soft and supple, giving this case a great feel in your hand. It's smooth without feeling slippery.

The bottom of the case is open for easy access to the Lightning port and so that the speakers are unimpeded. If you're looking for a slim-fitting leather case for your iPhone X, then this is a fantastic option. It hugs your iPhone tightly, though you will have to put up with minimal button covers and a fairly minimal lip around the screen.

X-Level offers a 6-month warranty if anything goes wrong. You have your choice of black or "dark coffee", a dark brown. $13 on Amazon.


Willnorn's leather case is a sort of fusion-style case with a leather back melded with a TPU bumper around the edges of your iPhone X. This way the most important parts of your phone (the corners) are well-protected, and you get the benefit of elegant black leather. I like this case because the TPU bumper even covers the bottom of your phone, with speaker holes and a cutout for the Lightning port. It's protected right the way around.

The bezel around the front is raised enough so that you can confidently lay your iPhone X screen-down without worrying about it getting scuffed up. That being said, Willnorn's case adds minimal bulk or weight to your iPhone X, so you're well-protected and looking fly (did I use that right?).

You can pick up the Willnorn for about $18.

Pad & Quill Traveler

This bumper case from P&Q might just be the highest quality leather bumper you'll find, and it just plain looks awesome. It's durable, protective, and fits onto your iPhone X like a dream. This is full-grain, genuine leather and at $60, it's built to last, with UV-resistant nylon stitching and a 25-year warranty (you know, for when you're using your iPhone X a quarter-century from now).

Got a favorite?

Do you have a sweet leather case for your iPhone X? Let us know in the comments below!

Updated March 2018: These are still our favorite leather cases for your iPhone X!

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