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Best Leather Cases for iPhone XS Max in 2020

There is nothing like the look, texture, and even smell of leather. Genuine leather develops a patina over time, and true leather aficionados know that this only means it's getting better with age. While your leather case ages beautifully, you want it to prevent your iPhone from aging. Here are some of the best leather cases for the iPhone XS Max.

Case in Point

The juxtaposition of soft, warm leather and the cool metal and glass iPhone XS Max is fun. Get in on the fun with one of these gorgeous leather cases. If you're not sure which to choose, we'd advise the Mujjo Full Leather Case (opens in new tab) for its full-grain, high-quality leather, and sophisticated details.

If a wallet-style case is what you're after, the Toplive Case (opens in new tab) might be the perfect fit. Nothing says luxury like leather, and with a wide range of prices and styles, there is something for everyone.