Best minimalist cases for the iPhone SE

The iPhone SE may be Apple's latest phone, but the look and feel of it is quite a #throwback to the iPhone 5. Both versions have a 4-inch display, weigh around 4 ounces, and fit the exact same types of cases, which is amazing news if you have a ton of cases left over from when you toted your iPhone 5 around!

We break down six minimalist iPhone SE cases that'll have people captivated by the beauty of your iPhone, rather than distract from it.

Elago slim

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Thin and simple to snap on (with a wide range of colors to customize your style!), the Elago slim is an extra-soft-feeling iPhone SE case that protects your phone from drops and scratches, while staying lightweight, bright, and beautiful.

The non-slip matte surface makes hanging onto your iPhone SE feel a lot more secure, while direct, easy access to all buttons and ports means you're not constantly removing your case when you have to charge your device. The ultra slim fit of the case also offers maximum protection, as well as scratch and corner protection.

So if you're looking for something minimalist yet tough, Elago is the brand for you.

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Elago Breathe

Inhale… Exhale… And just breathe… with Elago's minimalist Breathe iPhone SE case!

Molded to snap snugly to the iPhone SE, the Breathe case allows full access to buttons and ports while sporting a super sleek, super lightweight design. The little holes in the case add a little bit of style to an otherwise plain protector, but you can pick from over a dozen colors to customize your iPhone SE to your own personal flair.

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4thdesign T-type3

While technically not a phone case, the T-type3 bumper comes in 7 different colors and is still a durable, lightweight, protective tool for your iPhone SE. It doesn't add any additional bulk but still secures your phone like a larger case would.

Because it's a bumper rather than a case, the T-type3 doesn't fully wrap around your phone, so the screen and back part of your SE are exposed. However, a raised bezel protects from scratches when you lay your iPhone down.

The T-type3's aluminum bumper features integrated buttons, a highly elastic polymer bezel for dual protection, and a sand-blasted smooth, silky-feeling design. The elastic bezel acts as a shock absorber, while the aluminum frame keeps your iPhone SE secure.

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Incipio Isla

Simplicity meets style with Incipio Design Series' transparent Isla case for the iPhone SE.

Incipio designed the Isla case with a chic metallic chevron print patterned down the back of the iPhone SE case against a crystal clear, translucent background. Despite its minimalist appearance and design, the Isla is actually quite a durable case. Guaranteed drop protection says that if your phone slips from your grip, it won't shatter.

To quote the product description, "[it's] the perfect combination of pretty and protection."

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Ringke Fusion

Talk about a match made in heaven: The Ringke fusion takes the cake for cases that are barely even there, while fitting perfectly to your iPhone SE, eliminating the bulk and weight of other cases.

The Ringke Fusion is available in multiple colored bumpers, so you can add a gold or rose gold flare to your new iPhone SE. The crystal clear polycarbonate enhances the phone's original look, while an ultra slim, transparent TPU bumper allows easy access to all essential ports and buttons.

Soft and flexible edges cover all corners of the case, while a raised bezel protects your screen from everyday scrapes and scratches.

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Apple iPhone SE leather case

If you're going to browse around to pick out the perfect case for your iPhone SE, you might as well check out an Apple phone case while you're at it. After all, they're a minimalist case-lover's delight!

Designed from specially tanned and finished European leather and expertly crafted to fit the iPhone SE like a snug bug in a rug, Apple's leather iPhone SE case is both luxurious and lightweight, while being protective and sleek. The soft microfiber lining on the inside helps protect your phone from scratches, while the sturdy, durable case keeps your iPhone safe from low accidental drops.

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What's your pick?

Is there a minimalist iPhone SE case that you love that we missed on our list? Let us know in the comments below and we'll be sure to check it out.

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  • Power Support Air Jacket.
  • Speed control ground socks Sent from the iMore App
  • Ditto on that. Very nice full coverage and I like how they have holes drilled matching the speaker holes. Almost looks like a naked device. Even thinner is a carbon fiber case I bought from the Apple Store. They no longer carry it but it's super thin and strong. The leather case in black is what I've used the longest since it fully covers the buttons and has the cutouts. I had a red one but it was pretty dirty looking in just a few weeks. In the leather case it fits in the seidio surface holster very snug and does not rattle like when in the power jacket or carbon fiber case. I don't own the SE, just the 5S. May upgrade to the SE for the camera and faster processor though. Recently went from a 6S+ to the 5S and boy do I notice a difference in response time with the fingerprint reader. Still not a bad device even after 2 1/2 years.
  • The Elago cases look nice, but why is the camera opening so large? I have an InCase like that.
  • The best minimal case is no case. That didn't make any sense. I like the Remora Wallet case. Which isn't really a case, more of a attachment. Sort of a case if you're into minimal protection.
  • Ringke Fusion all the way. It's my go-to for almost any device. I have one on my 6S, my daughter has one on her 6. My son has it on his 5S. Far better grip than the naked device wnd feels great in the hand.
  • Also enjoying my Fusion. Thinking of getting the rose gold one for fun, I mean the one with the "mirror" effect.
  • Nillkin's Nature TPU Case. With rough texture on the sides for grip, dust plugs, 0.6mm thick. Snug fit and very minimal.
  • any slim cases for iPhone SE?
  • JEteck Sent from the iMore App
  • Totallee "The Scarf" - hands down.
  • iGlaze (Moshi Ultra Thin Transparent) Case.
  • I just bought a JTech clear TPU bumper style case, like the Ringke Fusion. Looks like it's grippy enough, but I'm waiting on my SE to arrive in the mail. Date received shows July 1-8 :(