Best photography cases for iPhone

Photography cases make it easier to attach a wider variety of lenses and other accessories to your iPhone. From barely-there shells with an assortment of attachments to full-on photo rigs, here are five of my favorite iPhone cases to get you started shooting in style!

Moment Case

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This Moment Case case isn't just beautiful to look at with its walnut wood accent, it's also a tour de force of iPhoneography power! The Moment Case is one of the only iPhone cases that turns your phone into more of a traditional camera. The case has a traditional shutter button, built-in lens interface, and a portable strap attachment which secures your phone in the process.

The lenses that go with the case use a locking mechanism to secure tightly to the camera lens, meaning you don't have to worry about anything slipping, sliding, or shattering. Simply twist to lock the lenses into place on your Moment Case, and then start shooting.

The one complaint about the Moment Case is that the lens is so large, it actually blocks your iPhone's flash, rendering it useless. If that's not a deal-breaker for you, though, Moment is otherwise excellent.

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Snap! Pro All-In-One Set

There are five features that differentiate the Snap! Pro from other basic iPhone photography cases: The durable case comes with an external shutter button on the lower left-hand side. This makes shooting a lot more natural, as it feels like a point-and-shoot camera.

The interchangeable lens system is fool-proof. By screwing and unscrewing the lenses to the case itself, there's no risk of left-behind, sticky residue like some less-expensive iPhone lenses leave, or the risk of having your lenses slip off like some magnetic models. With the All-In-One Set, you get a fisheye + macro lens, wide angle + macro lens, telephoto lens, CPL, ultra wide angle + macro lens, full-frame fisheye lens, and a bag to store your lenses in between use.

The Snap! Pro case has a soft rubber bumper layer that protects your device. This will help absorb any additional shock that may come from dropping your iPhone mid-shot. This is key because if you drop your phone with the lenses attached, you lower your chances of shattering your screen and ruining your equipment.

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iOgrapher Quick Start Kit

The iOgrapher is by far the most professional and dynamic iPhone case. Well, we shouldn't really call it a case, as it's closer to a complete mobile studio in your hands!

Using a similar design to a standard camera rig, the iOgrapher allows you to attach microphones, lights, lenses, and more to their iPhones, so you can get perfect video on top of phenomenal photos. It also fastens to a tripod, which opens a ton of doors to photography creativity.

The iOgrapher's Quick Start Kit for the iPhone comes with the case/rig, wide angle lens, telephoto lens, microphone, Manfrotto LED light, and is a phenomenal tool if you're really looking to get serious about iPhoneography.

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Optrix PhotoProX

Interested in capturing your skateboarding skills or snapping you killer surf without the risk of dropping or soaking your iPhone? Optrix by Body Glove is a rugged and waterproof adventure case protects your iPhone but also offers an interchangeable lens system, meaning you can actually take underwater shots of fish with a fisheye. It's also a great tool if you like to capture footage and photos while mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, hang gliding, and more.

Though the case itself isn't exactly pretty to look at, it's military-grade material ensures that the Optrix is up to whatever adventure that awaits you.

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Ztylus Metal Series Camera Kit

Using a 4-in-1 lens attachment revolver on the back, the Ztylus Metal Series Camera Kit lets youeffortlessly rotate between four different types of phone lenses, including macro, wide angle, fisheye and CPL. Coupled with a kickstand, the Ztylus is perfect for taking and showing off your iPhoneography.

Rather than screwing or sticking the lenses to the phone, which can create a bit of distortion if the lenses aren't close, a circular polarizer filter cuts glare and reflections, allowing natural, vivid colors to show through with stunning saturation.

The concept of the case comes from the innovative disc mount system, along with multiple attachment options that can be used with a single case. This means that if you upgrade your phone or get a different model, all you need to do is get a new case — you can continue to use the lenses and other bits from this kit.

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Watershot SPLASH

Tested in some of the most intense ocean, lake, and river conditions in California and Hawaii, the Watershot SPLASH phone case was designed to take crystal clear, underwater pictures. Don't be afraid to dunk your phone in the ocean with SPLASH, a multipurpose camera housing case specially designed for water sports enthusiasts and people looking for a durable, waterproof, adventure-proof case.

The SPLASH comes with a 3-point integrated tripod mounting plate, a polycarbonate touch membrane that allows users to still use their touchscreen while underwater, and a lens port that lets you customize your phone with wide angle lenses, colored filters, and more.

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What's your pick?

Are you using an iPhone photography case? Let us know which one and how you like it! And if we missed your favorite, tell us all about it in the comments!

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