Best Photography Cases for iPhone 8 iMore 2022

Shooting with your iPhone 8 is fun and all, but having a photography case can seriously take your snapshots to the next level. Of all the cases out there for your iPhone, these are the only ones that will directly improve your photos. Here are the best of the best iPhone 8 photography cases available for you and all your shooting needs.

Photo lens on Moment case

Transform your iPhone into a pro camera: Moment iPhone 8 Photo Case

Staff Favorite

The Moment iPhone 8 Photo Case is designed to secure and shoot with Moment's coveted lenses with a simple twist of your wrist. Attach and detach different lenses easily to customize your shots.

SNAP! black and white photo lens case

Snap, shoot, and go: SNAP! Case for iPhone 8

This lightweight case comes with an add-on grip and a shutter button, mimicking a point-and-shoot camera rather than an iPhone. It comes in black or white.

$50 at Amazon
Hitcase CRIO case for iPhone 8

Take your iPhoneography to the next level: Hitcase CRIO for iPhone 8

This case is made from an impact-resistant TPU material and boasts a microfiber inside that'll cradle and protect your iPhone while you shoot. It's the best of both worlds!

$15 at Amazon
Ztylus Revolver camera lens kit for iPhone 8

Convenient, covert, and super cool: Ztylus Revolver Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 8

This case allows you to effortlessly rotate between different lenses via a circular attachment on the back. It comes in two-dozen unique designs.

$35 at Amazon
Sand Marc Pro Edition iPhone 8 Lens Collection

Shoot and feel like a pro from your iPhone: SANDMARC Pro Edition iPhone 8 Lens Collection

Add a level of true professionalism and quality to your iPhoneography shots with unmatched telephoto, wide, macro, and fisheye-lens quality. This case basically transforms your iPhone 8 into a pro camera.

Divevolk Seatouch 2 Pro Cropped

Shoot profesional video and photos underwater: DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 2 PRO

The DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 2 PRO is created for those more adventurist types who are looking to take professional video and photos deep underwater. The possibilities are endless!

$239 at Amazon
Death Lens Pro Fisheye Lens

Professional fisheye lens photography: DEATH LENS iPhone 8 Pro Fisheye Lens Kit

DEATH LENS delivers with this case that comes with a fisheye lens. The lens is made out of polycarbonate, which allows for HD quality pictures.

$70 at Amazon

Which should you get?

With so many different lenses and cases available to shoot with, it can be difficult to know if you're selecting the right iPhone 8 photography cases. Our favorite on the list is the Moment iPhone 8 Photo Case because of its affordability and lens quality. It doesn't just provide you a lens, but a solid case to protect your phone as well. Its simple twist design makes installing different interchangeable lenses a breeze when you're out in the wild.

The Ztylus Revolver Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 8 is a solid runner up because of its unique and convenient design. That circular dial behind the case is one of the coolest things we've seen. It's definitely one of those features that will stick out in a crowd.

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