Best Photography Cases for iPhone 8 iMore 2019

Shooting with your iPhone is fun and everything, but having a photography case can seriously take your snapshots to the next level. Here are the best of the best iPhone 8 Photography cases available for you and all your shooting needs!

Transform your iPhone into a pro camera: Moment iPhone 8 Photo Case

Not only is the Moment iPhone 8 Photo Case a stylish and sleek iPhone accessory, but it's also a tool for shooting some seriously spectacular snapshots. The Moment iPhone 8 Photo Case is designed to secure and shoot with Moment's coveted lenses with a simple twist of your wrist. The lining of the case is protective while the photography accessory still allows access to all buttons and ports on your iPhone.

$30 at Moment

Snap, shoot, and go: SNAP! Case for iPhone 8

If you're looking for a case that'll really make you feel like you're holding and shooting with a camera rather than an iPhone, then we recommend taking a peek at the SNAP! Case for iPhone 8. This lightweight case comes with an add-on grip and a shutter button, so it feels more like you're shooting with a point-and-shoot camera rather than an iPhone. You can shoot with the case on its own, or add a variety of different lenses for different photo effects. The SNAP! Case for iPhone 8 comes in black or white.

$38 at bitplay

Take your iPhoneography to the next level: Hitcase CRIO for iPhone 8

Lightweight, thin, and ready to help you start shooting with your iPhone like a pro. Yup. That sounds like the Hitcase CRIO for iPhone 8. This particular case is made from an impact-resistant TPU material and boasts a microfiber inside that'll cradle and protect your iPhone while you shoot. You can attach a variety of different lenses to the Hitcase CRIO for iPhone 8 and even buy accessories like car mounts and adjustable wrist straps that work with it, too.

$30 at Hitcase

Slim and sleek for shooting: Olloclip Slim Case

Sometimes you don't need a case specifically for shooting! Sometimes you just need a case that's thin enough to work with a shooting accessory, like an Olloclip: so take a peek at the Olloclip Slim Case! This case is designed to work with Olloclip's beloved lens clips and lenses. The rubberized material will keep your iPhone safe while on a shoot, while the raised bezel will stop your screen from scratching excessively.

$30 at Olloclip

Convenient, covert, and super cool: Ztylus Revolver Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 8

If you're on the hunt for an iPhone 8 photography case that's convenient to install and uninstall, discrete, and super simple to use, then you need to look at the Ztylus Revolver Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 8. This case works by allowing you to effortlessly rotate between different lenses via a circular attachment on the back of the case. It comes in two-dozen unique and eye-catching designs to set your personal style.

$45 at Ztylus

Shoot and feel like a pro from your iPhone: Sand Marc Pro Edition iPhone 8 Lens Collection

Add a level of true professionalism and quality to your iPhoneography snapshots with some help from the Sand Marc Pro Edition iPhone 8 Lens Collection. While the price tag may seem scary to some, the Sand Marc Pro Edition iPhone 8 Lens Collection's telephoto, wide, macro, and fisheye lenses quality are sharp and unmatched. Simply attach the case, choose your favorite lens, and start shooting like a pro.

$290 at Sand Marc

With so many different lenses and cases available to shoot with, it can be difficult to know if you're selecting the right photography cases for your iPhone 8. We personally love the Moment iPhone 8 Photo Case because of the lens quality, and the Ztylus Revolver Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 8 because of its unique and convenient design, but it can be hard to pick just one case when there are so many to choose from. Whatever you end up deciding, we hope it works effortlessly for you and your iPhone 8. Good luck, and happy shooting!