Best Photography Cases for iPhone 8 Plus iMore 2019

Shooting with your iPhone 8 Plus on its own is fine and dandy like a piece of candy, but having a case that specializes in snapping stellar snapshots is a real game changer. Here are the best of the best photography cases available for your iPhone 8 Plus and how they can help you shoot like a real professional!

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Take a moment to charge while you shoot: Moment iPhone Battery Photo Case

Add a professional look and feel to your iPhoneography with some help from the Moment iPhone Battery Photo Case. This particular iPhone case not only helps charge your iPhone, but also allows you to attach Moment's award-winning lenses effortlessly so you can turn your standard photo into a fisheye masterpiece. If you're worried about bulk, just know that the Moment case only adds 7mm of thickness to your iPhone along with an additional layer of protection.

$90 at Moment

Convenient and colorful: Ztylus Revolver Camera Kit for iPhone 8 Plus

Looking for an iPhone photography case with a super unique, eye-catching design? Then take a peek at the Ztylus Revolver Camera Kit for iPhone 8 Plus. This 6-in-1 revolver lens allows you to effortlessly switch between wide angle/telephoto, macro/super macro, and fisheye/telephoto lenses. It comes in a variety of different colors and is so convenient that you can switch between lenses and be ready to shoot in seconds.

$45 at Amazon

Durable and designed to shoot: Hitcase CRIO for iPhone 8 Plus

Durable, reliable, and ready to help you shoot the perfect picture with your iPhone: these are three ways to describe the Hitcase CRIO for iPhone 8 Plus. This lightweight camera case is drop resistant and designed with a soft, microfiber lining to cradle your iPhone. It allows you to attach a variety of different lenses for shooting via a magnetic link mount. This particular case works with three lens models: superwide, wide, and macro.

$30 at Hitcase

Simple for shooting stellar shots: Ztylus Switch 6-in-1 Lens System for iPhone 8 Plus

Switch, shoot, edit, and go with the Ztylus Switch 6-in-1 Lens System for iPhone 8 Plus. This dual lens kit allows you to quickly change between the three sets of lenses while still being lightweight and protective for your iPhone overall. It features wide angle, telephoto, macro, super macro, and fisheye lens options, while the hand grip allows you more control over your shooting.

$30 at Amazon

Practical but pricey: Sand Marc Pro Edition iPhone 8 Plus Camera Case

Turn your iPhone into a DSLR-camera quality machine with some help from the Sand Marc Pro Edition iPhone 8 Plus Camera Case. This popular case comes with telephoto, wide, macro, and fisheye lenses that effortlessly attach to the base of the case. The Sand Marc Pro Edition will allow you to shoot stunning, breathtaking images that will rival that of a DSLR.

$290 at Sand Marc

SNAP! Case for iPhone 8 Plus

If you're someone who loves the feel and shooting position of a traditional camera, then we recommend taking a peek at the SNAP! Case for iPhone 8 Plus. This case allows you to attach a hand grip and gives you a shutter button, so it feels more like you're taking pictures with a point-and-shoot camera rather than your iPhone. The SNAP! works with the brand's different lenses and comes in classic black, textured black, and classic white color options.

$44 at bitplay{.cta .shop}

Make your iPhone feel like a camera

With so many awesome photography case options to choose from, it can be hard to nail on down specifically. We personally love the look and the convenience of the Ztylus Revolver Camera Kit for iPhone 8 Plus, but everyone is different! Whatever you end up choosing, we hope you have a terrific time capturing those snapshots.

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