Best Running Cases for iPhone XR in 2020

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Apple Imac Lifestyle Image (Image credit: Apple)

Having your tunes and the ability to make or take a quick phone call while you're running is paramount to help keep you in the zone. That's why a great phone case that complements your running experience is your best option when it comes to taking your iPhone XR on a jog. Whether you prefer an armband or a heavy-duty bumper, there's an option here for you.

Ready to run?

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If you're getting ready to hit the trail, a heavy-duty case is the best protection for your phone. For my money, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro (opens in new tab) is the best all-around case for protecting your iPhone XR while you run. The Unicorn Beetle is also great for everyday use. The built-in stand makes it super easy to prop your phone up while watching a few videos as you unwind after your run. Plus, the colorful and almost futuristic design will be a definite compliment getter as soon as you take it out of your pocket.

But if you'd rather not have your phone in your pocket during your run, there's always the armband option, and I recommend the Trianium Armband (opens in new tab). The armband from Trianium comes in a handful of bright colors, including Hot Pink, Classic Purple, and Mint. The band is adjustable to offer the perfect fit for most arm sizes. There's also a tiny slot to store cash or keys while you're out and about.

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