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Sometimes finding the perfect playlist to match your strides during a grueling run or even a leisurely jog can be just the push you need to get you across the finish line. If that appeals to you, and your music-playing device of choice is an iPhone XS, then you should consider investing in one of these running cases.

SupCase Running Case.

Minimal armband: Supcase running armband

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If you'd like an armband without the bulk, then this is your pick. It's just a simple, narrow band, with a silicone bumper case that holds your iPhone XS. It also has reflective patches for running in the dark.

$13 at Amazon
iPhone XS Running Buddy Case

No belt required: Running Buddy XL

This magnetic pouch clips onto your waistband comfortably and stays in place while you run with little or no bounce. There's room for your iPhone XS, keys, or any credit cards or ID you might need.

$20 at Amazon
iPhone XS Tune Belt Running Case.

Extra comfy armband: Tune Belt running armband

If you like a traditional armband but want one with a little more comfort, Tune Belt's has a little extra padding. It's even big enough to fit your iPhone XS in larger cases like OtterBox and LifeProof.

$18 at Amazon
OtterBox Running Case.

Trusted brand: OtterBox Defender

An old standby, the OtterBox Defender is a heavy-duty case with a belt clip, so you can attach it to your shorts or workout pants, and you're off for your jog. It's even better if you already wear a running belt, and it'll protect your iPhone XS from drops and scratches.

$24 at Amazon
VUP Running Case.

Rotating armband: VUP running armband

If you like to manually change songs or check out a running app while you're in motion, this armband should do the trick. It lets you rotate your iPhone 180 degrees, so you can use it the right way. The stretchy ends let you effortlessly secure your iPhone, maintaining full access.

$12 at Amazon
Zizo Running Case.

Military-grade protection: Zizo Bolt

This rugged case is military drop tested and features a fold-out kickstand on the back, so you can watch videos hands-free when you're finished your jog. It also comes with a belt clip, so you don't have to jog with it in your pocket.

$18 at Amazon
i-Blason Running Case.

All-around protection: i-Blason Armorbox

This rugged case looks awesome, has a kickstand, and has dual-layer protection against drops and scratches. The included belt clip slides over your iPhone XS screen to fully protect it while you run. It also features a built-in tempered glass screen protector.

$18 at Amazon
Revere Sport Running Case.

Removes distraction: Revere Sport sleeve

If you get distracted seeing your iPhone's screen through traditional armbands, then Revere Sport's is perfect, since it folds over and covers your iPhone. It protects your phone while you run and is made of comfortable, flexible Lycra. It comes in four sizes.

$15 at Amazon
SupCase Running Case.

Stylish protection: Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style

Supcase produces excellent heavy-duty cases, and this one lets you admire the beauty of your iPhone XS, while still protecting it outright with a hard plastic back and cushiony TPU edges. There are seven edge colors to choose from at a great price.

$13 at Amazon
Bone Running Case.

Minimally universal: Bone Collection sports armband

If you don't like a big thick armband and would rather your phone be easily accessible, this is the band for you. Tight rubber bands hold your iPhone firmly in place, and the thinner armband comfortably straps onto your arm with no extra bulk or frivolous pockets.

$25 at Amazon


At the end of the day, you can't go wrong with any of the cases in this collection because it truly just comes down to personal preference. If you're looking for an armband that's comfortable while offering solid protection for your iPhone XS, then I'd go with the SupCase Armband. Having your iPhone on your bicep allows you to interact with the device quickly and easily without slowing down too much. The armband comes with a slim yet rugged case that will protect your device if you happen to drop it while out and about. It also has reflective strips, which will help increase your visibility while running at night.

However, if armbands aren't your thing, then the Zizo Bolt is also a great option. The case comes in a unique design and has a sturdy clip so you can attach it to the inside of your pocket or go retro and clip it to the waistband of your shorts or tights.

But again, it's all up to you and what works for your lifestyle, budget, and taste. You can't go wrong!

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