Best screen protectors for iPhone 13 Pro iMore 2022

When your iPhone 13 Pro arrives, you'll want to make sure it stays in pristine condition with a good screen protector. Even though Apple boasts that their Ceramic Shield makes the front glass of the iPhone 13 Pro really strong, glass is still glass — it will crack if you damage it. Getting one of the best screen protectors for the iPhone 13 Pro is a simple and cost-effective way to keep your best new iPhone looking sharp.

Esr Temepred Glass Screen Protector

Our top pick: ESR tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 13/ iPhone 13 Pro

Staff favorite

I've used plenty of ESR screen protectors in the past and have always been happy with them. The application tray makes installation a breeze; they are fingerprint resistant, scratch-resistant, and work just fine with any kind of case you want to use. Plus, it comes in a pack of three, so you don't need to buy a brand new one if you ever need to replace the protector on your iPhone.

$13 at Amazon
Raxfly Iphone 13 And Pro Screen Protector 3 Pace With Tray Render Cropped

Install with ease: RAXFLY iPhone 13/13 Pro Screen Protector 3-Pack with Tray

You'll get three tempered glass screen protectors for one low price, plus an installation tray to help you place it on your iPhone 13 Pro perfectly. The oleophobic coating helps keep your screen clear and easy to see, while the case-friendly design means it won't get in the way of your iPhone's case.

$13 at Amazon
Wismat 4 Pack Screen Protector Iphone 13 And Pro Render Cropped

Case-friendly: WISMAT 4-Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Pro HD Tempered Glass

If you plan on using a case with your iPhone 13 Pro, you'll want a screen protector that's case-friendly. Get four tempered-glass screen protectors, each that are hydrophobic and oleophobic, to keep fingerprints at bay.

$10 at Amazon
Totallee Iphone 13 Screen Protector Render Cropped

Premium option: totallee iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protector

Expensive, yes, but the totallee screen protector is certainly the best way to have absolutely seamless coverage on your iPhone 13 Pro. It seems to melt into the iPhone, so it really doesn't even look or feel like you have a screen protector on it, thanks to its edge-to-edge coverage.

Supershieldz Matte Screen Protector Iphone 13 And Pro Render Cropped

If you don't like glass: Supershieldz Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 13 and 13 Pro (6-pack)

While tempered glass offers better protection, these high-quality Japanese PET film screen protectors from Supershieldz are anti-glare and won't leave any residue if you need to remove them. Plus, they come with six in a pack, so you won't need to buy more anytime soon.

$7 at Amazon
Ewuonu Privacy Screen Protector Iphone 13 And Pro Render Cropped

Keep your screen private: EWUONU Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 13/13 Pro (2-pack)

Safeguarding your screen from damage is good, but protecting it from other people's eyes is even better. This screen protector does both. It ensures that you can only see the screen from straight on, so no peeping passerby can get a look. You get two tinted screen protectors and an installation tray in the package.

$10 at Amazon

A screen protector is a smart investment.

I know Apple likes to boast about how strong its Ceramic Shield is, but the truth is glass is prone to cracks and scratches no matter how tough you make it. If you want to protect the screen on your iPhone 13 Pro, here are our suggestions.

I've personally use ESR screen protectors on several devices and have always been happy with the results. The installation is pretty straightforward, and it doesn't interfere with any case I've used. Coming in a pack of three is a nice touch, too.

I know it seems crazy, but the totallee screen protector is actually pretty great. It really looks and feels like it's not on the phone. I'm not sure how they do it, but f you want a screen protector that's nearly invisible when installed, there's no better option.

Lastly, the EWUONU privacy screen protector is great for anyone who doesn't like the idea of someone peeking at their iPhone 13 Pro screen in public. It gives you that extra peace of mind when you're out and about because you have to be right in front of your iPhone to see what's on-screen.

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