Best screen protectors for iPhone 13 Pro 2023

Got a new iPhone 13 Pro? You'll want to keep that nice big screen safe with one of the best screen protectors for the iPhone 13 Pro. While the Ceramic Shield on the screen makes it super tough, it is still glass - and glass breaks. Grab one of these screen protectors and keep that iPhone screen looking sharp and crack-free. And you'll make sure that it's worth more when you want to trade it in at the end of its life as well - perfect.

The best screen protector for iPhone 13 Pro is a smart investment

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We love the iPhone 13 Pro, and we would want to keep it looking fab with one of the best iPhone 13 Pro cases, and a good screen protector. Ceramic Shield is all well and good, but it's still not great against those tougher bangs and scratches that you might encounter. Here are our top three:

We've used ESR screen protectors on several devices already, and they've always been super solid options. Installation is super straightforward, and it doesn't interfere with any phone case we've used either. The fact you get three is a bit of a bonus too.

The totallee screen protectors are a surprise hit - they really do melt into nothing when you attach them to your screen. it must be some kind of glass black magic, but if you want a screen protector that's nearly invisible when it's on the device, this is the way to go.

Finally, the EWUONU privacy screen protector is fantastic if you don't like the idea of other people being able to see your screen in public. It gives you that extra peace of mind, but you will have to make sure you're keeping your phone directly in front of your face while you're using it.

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