Best screen protectors for iPhone 13 Pro Max iMore 2022

Now that Apple has announced the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it's sure to be one of the best iPhones around. After all, you're getting a brand new Super Retina XDR display that features ProMotion, allowing it to refresh at a rate of up to 120Hz, which is a big deal. You're definitely going to want to protect that screen, so here are the best screen protectors for the iPhone 13 Pro Max so far.

Amfilm 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector Iphone 13 Pro Max

Good ol' reliable: amFilm 2-Pack OneTouch Glass Screen Protector

Staff favorite

amFilm makes reliable screen protectors for a variety of devices. You get two 0.33mm thick tempered glass screen protectors in this pack, and two of the brand's auto-alignment tool that helps you install it in just 60 seconds. It'll protect the screen from scratches, nicks, and fingerprints.

$12 at Amazon
Zagg Invisibleshield Glass Elite Visionguard Iphone 13 Pro Max

The absolute best: ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard

ZAGG's InvisibleShield lineup is one of the best screen protectors around. Glass Elite VisionGuard has 40% blue light filtration to protect your eyes, advanced scratch and impact protection, reinforced edges, is resistant to fingerprints, and is antimicrobial. Plus, it's easy to apply.

$50 at ZAGG
Nomad Screen Protector Iphone 13 Pro Max

Simple and efficient: Nomad Screen Protector

If you just want something to protect your screen, Nomad's Screen Protector will do the job, and it's easy to install. It's ultra slim at just 0.33mm, and it is made with Japanese tempered glass. You get a precise fit, no interference with touch sensitivity, and an oleophobic coating to reduce smudges.

$25 at Nomad
Zagg Invisibleshield Glass Elite Privacy 360 Iphone 13 Pro Max

Privacy, please!: ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy 360

If you prefer having a little bit of privacy, then the Glass Elite Privacy 360 is perfect. While it retains maximum impact and scratch protection, it also has 360-degree privacy protection so no one can see your screen except you. It also has reinforced edges, is smudge-resistant and antimicrobial.

$60 at ZAGG
Ailun 2 Pack Screen Protector Iphone 13 Pro Max

On a budget: Ailun 2-Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This tempered glass screen protector is just 0.33mm thick, so it's barely there while keeping your screen safe and sound. It has maximum protection from scratches, scrapes, and bumps. You get two screen protectors and a camera lens protector to keep the powerful new camera system scuff-free.

$10 at Amazon
Zagg Invisibleshield Glass Elite Anti Glare Iphone 13 Pro Max

Look ma, no more glare!: ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite Anti-Glare

Don't like being blinded by your own screen? InvisibleShield's Glass Elite Anti-Glare is like the other tempered glass screen protectors from InvisibleShield, but it is designed to not have glare. You'll still be getting the maximum impact and scratch protection of InvisibleShield, smudge resistance, and an antimicrobial surface.

$45 at ZAGG

Protect the beautiful iPhone 13 Pro Max screen

The iPhone 13 Pro Max isn't going to be cheap, so you definitely will want to protect that large, gorgeous display. And there is no better way to do that than with one of the best iPhone 13 Pro Max screen protectors.

If you are looking for some personal recommendations, I like the amFilm brand. I have used amFilm screen protectors on other devices, such as my Nintendo Switch, and they're relatively easy to install. And not only will they protect the screen, but they last a very long time for such an affordable price.

Other recommendations would be any of the InvisibleShield Glass Elite protectors we mentioned here. InvisibleShield has a solid reputation, and it offers different types of protectors, from anti-glare to privacy to blue light filtering and more. No matter what you personally need, InvisibleShield has you covered.

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