If you spend a lot of your day at a desk or other stationary position, and you often need both your hands to complete tasks, your iPhone X can often be inaccessible. Having to hold your phone in your hand to make a call, or search for an address can be limiting to multi-tasking.

Keep both your hands-free and still have access to your phone by using a stand; here are some of my favorites.

Lamicall iPhone stand

Multiple viewing angles, a perfect space to swipe up on the iPhone X, and a hole in the back to run your charging cable through, the Lamicall iPhone stand is a great way to keep your iPhone within reach and accessible.

This $13 stand comes in black, red, grey, and silver and is made of metal, meaning it is heavy enough not to be knocked over if you accidentally bump it with your elbow while typing.

The Lamicall iPhone stand is big enough to fit your iPhone X in portrait or landscape mode, and you shouldn't have trouble fitting on the stand even with a heavy duty case wrapped around your device.

Tecboss cell phone stand

If you need a stand that's a little more adaptable to fit your space, the Tecboss cell phone stand is a great companion for your iPhone X.

Not only can this stand to adjust viewing angles, but it can also adjust it's height, meaning you should always be able to find a comfortable position to see and use your iPhone X when you need.

The Tecboss cell phone stand costs about $11 and can hold your phone in portrait or landscape orientation.

MoKo cell phone stand

If you want your iPhone X to stand upright a little closer to the surface of your desk or table, then the simple and small MoKo cell phone stand is your best bet.

With rubber feet to make sure it doesn't slide around and six different positions, the MoKo stand lets you get your iPhone X standing exactly where you want it.

This $6 stand comes in a wide range of colors such as blue, red, yellow, gray, white, and more!

Look for charging stands?

These stands aren't specifically designed for charging, but there are a ton that are. check out iMore's recommendations!

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